Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nativity families vow to keep fighting for their school!

There were two great articles by both Gil Spencer and Susan Serbin in the Daily Times today breaking down the latest developments on the Nativity situation.  Through a petition drive this morning at Nativity church, it's apparent that the families of the school will continue the fight.  But make no mistake, the community and local leaders are also poised to get involved to save this school and a way of life that's been unique to Media for 100 years.

Nativity parishioner and republican committee woman of the southern precinct, Kristi Dick was quoted by the Friday night stating she's ready to fight and to keep the school in Media.  That's not only leadership, but a message to the community that we help our neighbors in their time of need.  Whether it is Catholic, Quaker or any other denomination, it's important to know that these schools have the support of their elected officials.

Kudos to State Rep. of the 164th, Margo Davidson (D) for getting involved with a similar matter regarding Bonner/Prendie.  Here's her tweet from Friday:

Her news release goes on to say: "Davidson said, "Bonner-Prendie is a very important part of this community and the thought of it closing tore at the hearts of many parents, children and teachers in the Upper Darby-Lansdowne area. I'm very happy we were able to save it and hope to save it forevermore."
I've been in contact with both John Daly and our State Rep., Tom Killion (R) who is closely monitoring the situation and has offered to assist in any way he can. I understand Media Borough Council is involved in some regard, but I've seen no tweets, no public statements and no press release regarding the matter.  



  1. Nice to see both articles, but the one Sue wrote was factually wrong....Nativity has sustainability in grades 6,7, and 8, not St. Johns. Praying for a miracle and that Nativity wins their sad that Father Bell isn't on the side of his parishioners

  2. Father Bell has closed 2 schools already and on the way to 3. I hope that is not the case. What does Father Bell get out of this deal when the school closes? There has to been something in it for him since he is extremely quite and not willing to fight for his OWN school!!!