Saturday, March 24, 2012

MEDIA+MUSIC+IRONHILLxBEER= Saturday, May19th, 2012

Iron Hill's craft brewing festival has quietly become one of the most popular and well attended events in Media borough.  On Saturday, May 19th, they'll do it again with specialty craft beers from around the region, along with food and live music.  The energy and vibe are excellent with open-air feel of a SXSW swag event.

Tickets have gotten more expensive over the years, but the proceeds go to great cause towards helping the Media Youth Center.  Here's what you need to know:  this event sells out VERY quickly, it has for years.  So if you're looking to attend, swing over to the website for tickets ($45 per person online).  Tickets are $50 at the door the day of the event, but don't count on it, it'll sell out way before then.  Kudos to Iron Hill for also providing designated driver status and entry to the festival for $5.

The event goes from 1pm to 5pm, but doesn't alway end there.  A lot of attendees like to venture out along State Street and often congregate at Quotations, John's Grill, Plumstead Inn and Sligo. Some in town may consider it a drunken rove of crowds, but I've not seen many problems.  The Media Police do a excellent job of handling this event.

Hopefully Iron Hill considers expanding this event in the future to maybe include more of State St.  Perhaps there might be a possibility of a regional wine fest in Media someday too.

Here's clip from 2010 using cutting edge Iphone video technology and non-existent directing abilities.

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