Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome to Media, Desert Rose Mediterranean Cuisine and Market

I was there the very first day it opened.  A bit late in the evening, but I wanted to check out what Media's newest, and as far as I know, only Mediterranean eatery was all about.

To begin with, the new location is quite nice with large windows and a view of Media people don't normally's on the westside of town where the trolley track end.  With Desert Rose now open and a few notable shops (Orvis), it's nice to see this part of State St. develop. In fact, there is also a little known antique shop in this area that has some really neat items that cater to Media's history.

Back to the food.....I ordered the Chicken Shawarma (marinated roasted chicken, cucumbers, tomato, hummus, fresh herbs, laffa).  It was not only excellent, but filling at a very reasonable price.  As a courtesy, I was also given a pastry that I don't recall the name of, but excellent in its own right too.  I like the menu and the clever combinations of salads, soups and hearty sandwiches.  They will also have a nice selection of pre-prepared meals, which is handy for people on the go.

Desert Rose will also server authentic Turkish Black Coffee and a dish called Shakshuka, which consists of poached eggs, tomato sauce, onions, cumin and parsley served in a cast iron pan.  Now that's pretty cool and will be top of the order on my next visit.

In addition to the food, what I really liked seeing and had me impressed; was the sheer enthusiasm Jason and his wife have for sharing their love for this food.  Passion, enthusiasm and delicious food make a great combination for success and I wish Desert Rose the utmost.

Welcome to Media!


  1. Welcome to Media, Dessert Rose! I stopped in the second day they opened and I have to say I was very impressed. The food was fantastic, but the real charm here is the owners. What a lovely, sweet, friendly couple. I felt like I was chatting in the kitchen of their home! I wish them the best of luck and I hope they are successful in Media for years to come. (I picked up a few things from the market and all were excellent. Try the peanut snacks with hazelnut filling - yum!)

  2. Brendan O'RiordanMarch 11, 2012 at 7:45 PM

    We went there earlier this week and the owners are very friendly and upbeat. I wish them much success. We each had a felafel sandwich, and we shared hummus. When I have Middle Eastern food I like some kick to it, usually in the form of cumin. The dishes I had were not as spicy as I would have liked, but maybe that is an Israeli style; I am not sure. If anyone has been there and has had something spicy please recommend it. I am definitely going to go again and try a variety of items. I agree with the poster at 1:43 AM: "Bamba," the peanut snacks with hazelnut filling are incredibly good.

    I am happy to see this place in Media because their style of cuisine was not represented in town before their arrival.

  3. stopped in tonight and the food was delicious. Waite staff was excellent. Very nice people. The Cashier?waitress was adorable and had a smile to light up the room.

  4. tremendous food, and the hostest/waitress/cashier was stunning.