Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Sunday Morning.....Media, PA in two minutes - Recap of the week

It's Sunday Morning.....Media, PA in two minutes 

Recap of the week 4/21/12

Here's a quick rundown of this week's 
more notable news in Media, PA

More news on Media eateries.
It's hard to followup on last week's news regarding the openings of Diego's and Spasso's, but the restaurant scene moves on.  I've heard another pizza place may be coming to Media in the coming months, along with a BBQ Ribs joint.  Deals for both are still in the works, but we will see.  One of which would be located on the western end of State St.

I've also learned that Wawa is eager to get into Media and develop a "Super Wawa" at the site of the former Media Inn location.  The drawings and layout I've seen  actually looked a lot better than I thought.

April 24th - Primary Election:
Typically, election Primaries are in May, but this year is a presidential election primary which will be held Tuesday, April 24th.  Here's a link to information about your polling location.  Keep in mind that the county will be conducting a "Soft Rollout" regarding this year's Voter ID requirement.  More information about this process can be found at the Delco Election Board.

Thanks to those who have volunteered to staff the polls.  There is growing possibility that borough polling places in the future may have to be combined due to lack of volunteers.

For such a big event, there hasn't been much publicity or info on the details for the "Welcome Home Parade for Vets"  However, this week I did find their webpage, flyer and event details.

Today there is an article in the explaining the event and the organization behind it.  It highlights the efforts of Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Tax Collector, Bob Dimond who've worked with many groups to make this happen.

Third St. Bridge Update:
The big news out of last Thursday's council meeting was that council did not make a decision on third street bridge.  They went on to explain that another month will be needed in which a statement will be given to PennDot to proceed on the matter, but in very broad terms.  Meaning, Borough Council hasn't decided on how to handle the bridge, but needs to give Penndot and answer in May in order for the funding to remain in place.  In fact, they had to submit a request to PennDot for a 3 day extension in order to do this.  

How after a CAC report, settled lawsuits, a resolution from Upper Providence, surveys, a court order and 16 years of history can borough council NOT make a decision on this matter?  Something is not adding up.  Council President, Brian Hall's statement of "it's complicated" is wearing thin. The lack of decision leads directly to a lack of leadership.  

There are three scenarios I can think of that may be delaying this decision:

  1. Borough Council doesn't feel the matter is important enough to reach deadlines.
  2. Council is thinking they can try to cut a deal with either of the two other stakeholders (BLCC, County).  
  3. Borough council lacks the leadership and managerial execution to get the job done.  This point being interesting, as one of the democratic council member's called  the Chair of the Delco GOP for advice on the matter. Not the county, as would be formal process, but the Chairman, Andy Reilly. 
People in Media seem to prefer the students of Media Elementary go to Nativity, at least from the response people share on this site's poll.  The RTM School Board will have their monthly meeting on 4/26 in which I would expect an update on the matter.  However, from what people are telling me, this may be a done deal regarding the use of Nativity while Media Elementary is closed for repairs.

Media Youth Center Hall of Fame

I was invited to attend last night's inductee ceremony for the Media Youth Center.  What a great event!  I'll write more about this in the coming weeks, but it you really want to understand the fabric which has made Media what it is today,  you need only understand the families who have worked together for the youth of this town.  Success doesn't just happen for children growing up, it takes guidance, discipline, encouragement and the right attitude to make it happen.  This was essentially the theme of each inductee's speech, or those who spoke on their behalf; of what the Youth Center is and what it meant to them.
It's through the dedication of families such as the Adam's, Bak's, Gross', Hadley's, Johnson's, King's, Laughead's, Powell's, Stine's and Worrall's that have shaped and provided thousands of youngsters with the right skills to go on and make something of their lives.  I particularly liked the story of how coaches made their players have their shirts tucked in while on the court.  Teams consisted of the falcons, doves, etc.  I played for the beavers and learned how to dribble, but it didn't take me far in my basketball career.  Football and lacrosse were the sports of my choice.
There were many others in attendance who have also contributed to the Youth Center as presidents, directors, coaches and teachers.  It is great to see the community rally around the this institution which has had, and continues to be a positive impact on so many.


  1. Tedman: Your the best for info on Media. No one else even comes close. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. The Media Youth Center has been an integral part of the fabric of Media since 1943. We have been fortunate to have such giving volunteers work for the youth of our community. It is hard to imagine who didn't use the youth center growing up.
    Thanks to all who make the MYC what it is.