Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Sunday Morning.....Media, PA in two minutes - Recap of the week

Here's a re-cap on some of the more notable happenings in Media this week.  

Media Primary and Welcome Home Vets Parade:
It seems "low turn-out" was the theme of the week for both Tuesday's Primary election and yesterday's parade.  Less than 20 percent of the Media voters turned out on Primary day.  As for what was a great parade on Saturday, I had thought a lot more would have been in attendance.

I did catch up with Lt. Governor, Jim Crawely at Sligos afterwards and thanked him for attending.  In fact, thanks to everyone who put this together.

Daily Times posted a great article and I'm sure Media Patch will have one out later today.

High Probability that Media Elementary uses Nativity BVM for the 2012/13 school year.
Superintendent, James Wigo was on hand at last week's town hall meeting to discuss the options of relocating students while Media Elementary is closed for repairs.  It was discussed that there was a high level of confidence that Nativity would be the temporary location. Not a done deal yet, but things are moving in that direction.

A sincere thanks to the Superintendent and the RTM school board for having a concise, thorough plan and acting on it in a reasonable amount of time.  We don't see this type of leadership in Media often.

Media's Restuarant scene:
I've eaten twice at both Spasso's and Diego's.  There was nothing wrong with my first visits, but the second ones really showed that these places now have the kinks and timing worked out.   I particularly like how un-cluttered Spasso's is.   They could have jammed more tables in there, but with a great lay-out and high, vault like ceilings; they get the importance of ambiance along with great food.

The wait continues for La Porta in Edgmont township.  Based on this week's comments, people are fired up as to why it remains closed.  Based on a interview by CBS Philly with the owner, the opening date was suppose to be April 1st.

Media Borough and the Third St. Bridge Update:
$2 million more incurred bridge costs since 1996
I could go on about this one for hours, but I don't want to change Sunday morning's "Media, Pa in two minutes," to "four hours."  After what could be mistaken for a circus, Media borough will finally meet with the other two stake holder (BLCC, County) on Monday, April 30th at 3pm.  Why this wasn't done before everything else (Survey, CAC, etc.) is still unclear, as it may all be a moot point depending on the outcome of Monday's meeting. 

Is it too late to get the $15,000 back for the website?  C'mon, this is bad.  What was told to the residents as better organization and use, proves to be a lot less.  First off the navigation for a "template" off the shelf website is horrible. If I didn't provide the link to the Emergency Notification page, no one would find it to sign up.  Secondly, the meeting minutes are posted for some committees, but not others.  Lastly, with all the social media available, the borough shouldn't have to use the emergency notification system for non-emergencies.  I hope this service isn't going to used as a marketing tool for meetings/events in the future.

Linn Architects
By now most people know Wawa is eagerly pursuing a store at the location of the now razed Media Inn site.  I got to see the drawings first had this week of the proposed new building.  Now it is a Wawa, but the sketches done by Bob Linn's team really look good.  Brick, nicely done walkways, gabled roofs, etc.  The project is still a long way off, but at least it's going in the right direction and the attention to detail and aesthetics is appreciated.  It's also worth noting that this store will bring 40 new jobs to the area.

This is a by right property, so there are other options that are less than desirable for this location, one of which is a Dollar store.  In a perfect world, it would have been the marque place for a hotel, but even in today's reality, I don't want to see a Dollar store as the gateway to Media.


  1. The Super Wawa will be a nice addition to Media. If their gas prices are the same as other Wawa locations, we'll be paying a lot less to fill up in town. As is, I use the Brinton Lake Wawa due to low costs. Also, the job cutting scum at Sunoco and the oil spill terrorists at BP don't get my money.

    1. I was in my Honda dealer for servicing recently and I read several letters thanking the dealership for recommending top tier gas. Apparently WaWa does not sell top tier gas. Top tier gas apparently has more detergent and WaWa gas is not top tier. These letter writers claimed improved performance when they switched from WaWa to top tier gas. I did a search and top tier gasoline came right up. Check it out at Six manufacturers recommend top tier gas.

  2. Never buy gas at WaWa for just that reason. Heard this info before from other drivers. Price isn't everything,quality is. But WaWa sells gas to hundreds of thousands of customers. So it goes.

  3. Except it all comes from the same refineries. I give credit to the marketing folks who lead people to believe that the brand name of the retail outlet has any meaning.

  4. Looks like this will be a perfect architectural accompaniment to Trader Joe's!