Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spasso's, Diego's and La Porta Restaurant

The community eagerly awaits the opening of Spasso's and Diego's which both should be opening in the coming weeks.  In fact, Spasso's will have a sneak preview for invited guests on Monday.  The inside of Spasso's will consist of a different layout than what was attempted by the other two restaurants prior.  For one, the bar will be on the left hand side of the building and not in front by the main entrance.  It'll be interesting to see how the outside patio is utilized, as open air dining is becoming a style Media is known for,   Speaking of which, with the Veterans Museum a block away, I always thought it would be a good idea to remove the brick wall and relocate the veteran's plagues to the museum.  Either way, if Spasso's is a good as people are telling me, this could be a "game changer" for Media in providing an anchor restaurant to highlight the town.

If Diego's were being opened by any other group than Loic Barnieu, it wouldn't be getting this much attention, or at least, anticipation.  However, knowing Loic's style and his abilities with Picasso and La Belle Epoque, this latest creation comes at the right time for the right market.  In Media, there is a wide selection or restaurants appealing to different crowds, but when it comes to food and drink, Loic nails it.
New Signage

Counter at Diego's
Technically, it's not in Media, but a very popular place that should open very soon is La Porta.  I did a report on this eatery a few months ago, though so many come to this site searching for updates, that I had to give a report.

Last week I stopped by to see the progress and found that much had been done since my last visit.  Most notable is the new sign and tables.  Looks like they are going to retain the fireplace too!  If you were ever at the former Locust Crest Tavern, you'll appreciate this nice touch. However, with all the renovations done to this building, it'll be hard to image the "Crest" was ever there.   La Porta will also have a side entrance for take-out.  I've not seen the menu, but it'll fall under the wood-oven pizza/wine bar category.
Take-out entrance


  1. Sounds like both Spasso's and Diego's will open this week!

  2. Spasso's opens Wednesday 4/11/12: