Thursday, May 17, 2012

Check Back for Tonight's Vote on the Fate of 3rd St. Bridge

Except for maybe a local election here in Media, tonigh's vote on Third St. Bridge will be up there in terms of having the town's attention. I dunno, after 16 years and millions of dollars, this could actually be least for some depending on what you think is best for the town.

I expect council chambers to be full with people in attendance, along with many spilling out into the hallway.  With coverage expected from Philly Fox News and others, this will no doubt be an interesting meeting.  Based on the agenda and where this item falls on that list, I don't expect it'll be addressed until closer to 9pm.  For those not attending you can tune in to see the meeting on Comcast (Channel 10) and Verizon FIOS (Channel 42).

I'm sure the outcome of the vote will make it almost realtime to Facebook and Twitter.  I'll also post the outcome  here on ATM.

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