Friday, May 11, 2012

A Hotel in Springfield? What about Media?

Interesting news reported today by the DelcoNews Network with regard to discussions being held in Springfield about a proposed hotel near the site of the Springfield Country Club.  As it is now, your only other choice for a "Brand Name" hotel is out in Concordville or down by by the Phila. airport.  Both a bit out of the way if you live in the immediate Media area.

Springfield might have a good thing here with this proposal.  Assuming this will be tied into the existing country club facilities (bar, restaurant, golf course, event facility) this may be more of a destination than just hotel off of the 495 Blue Route.  That could possibly give it an edge over what is to come in Media with the Hampton Inn. 

With Springfield pursuing a hotel and the Franklin Mint site in Middletown also interested in one, what's that leave for Media's need for a hotel?  Most of the plans have been finalized and approved for the Hampton Inn, but it's still unclear what the builder is waiting for.  By now I would have though a demolition permit would have been applied for to at least lessen the tax burden by razing the facility, but it hasn't.  

With potential competition taking shape on both sides of Media, could this hotel still be a viable business model?  Times have changed tremendously since the first proposal for the Hampton Inn was presented back in 2006, so I wonder if the feasibility for the owners has changed too.  That's purely my opinion, but I thought something would have started on this by now.

In a perfect world, the old Media Inn location would have been the ideal site for the Hampton Inn.  I think it'll still do well where it's slated to go, however, it would just be nice to know when construction might take place.  At this point, I'd have to say the smart money would be on Springfield having a hotel before Media does.

Stay tuned.



  1. I think they are waiting for the 3rd street bridge to get built first.

  2. The foot traffic this would create for Media businesses should not be underestimated. Hotels in Springfield and Middletown may be convenient to Media, but don't necessarily contribute to the vibrancy of our town.
    (I hear the plan is to break ground in the Fall.)

  3. Whatever it is I'm against it. That was a song by Gorucho Marx.Hotel I'm against it.Cocos pizza at Radnor and Manchester against it.Traffic on third St.Against it....thats all we ever hear.Wawa at prv Rd.When does that against it startup?