Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Sunday Morning - Media Pa in 2 minutes

It's Media Pa in two minutes.  I usually struggle to get this posted by 9am, but had some time to work on this in advance.

So let's start!

Media's Welcome Home the Vets Parade:
Right idea at the right place for definitely the right cause, but the wrong time.  Sadly last week's parade was not well attended.  People felt this should have been done during Media's normally scheduled Memorial Day Parade.  

Media's Restaurant scene:
I like Diego's, there's no problem there, but please consider 3 tacos on the platter instead of two.  They're so good I can eat more than two, but four are too much,  Or maybe charge per taco.  I'm quite fond of the shrimp choice.....well done Diego's, well done! I haven't tried the margaritas yet, but mostly because I don't drink often.

I haven't had time to look into why LaPorta is still not open.  Some people don't think it'll be worth the drive to go to this place from Media.  I disagree.  In fact, the people that live close to La Porta I'm sure will appreciate not having to drive to Media.  The Chef is suppose to be top notch, so hopefully they get what ever issue is sorted out soon. 

Speaking of Edgmont and that area, did you know Pace One is closed?  Has been for sometime, which is interesting since they we building a whole new bar addition a year ago.

This may not qualify as "restaurant news," but maybe it is.  With recent decisions on the Franklin Mint site, things should start to come out about what the next steps are for this property.  What's interesting is that due to the years of delays, a lot of stores have skipped over Middletown and moved out to Concordville area.  One of which was WholeFoods.  Could that have instead gone to the Franklin Mint site?  There's a good chance it could have if the timing was right.

Media Elementary moving to Nativity:
No news this week, perhaps an update next week.  Check out the Media Elemtary School Families Facebook page.  They do a great job of keeping on top of this.

Media's Electric Car Charging Station:
Charging Station at Springfield Ford
Has anyone charged up or know someone who's used the electric car charging station behind the Media Fire Dept?  I'd like to see how that works.  How much is a fill up of electricity?

Aqua water main work on 6th St.
I never had bad water pressure, but since the water main work done by Aqua on 6th St., the improvement is noticeable.  Their still working on Sixth St and moving towards Monroe.  Not sure where they'll go next, but they'll send you a letter well in advance if they come to your street.  If you suffer from bad water pressure, you may be in luck...eventually.

Super Wawa, Getty and BP:
Slow week on Super Wawa news and probably will be for sometime.  As for the old Getty, it's still for lease.  No updates on that either.  People may not know this, but the BP on the corner of State St. and 252 will be eventually razed and used for the Super Wawa, when and if that eventually comes.

Third St. Bridge Update:
Yeah, well I let you read all the way down before listing this topic.  Interesting news here that I'll post later today or tomorrow.  Based on last week's events, and the need to make some kind of decision this month to protect the financing, things are moving along.  That might be good or bad depending on what you want to happen here, but there's been another wrinkle in the whole handling of this issue that's not good.

There was a stakeholders meeting last week, but nothing changed regarding the court order stipulation.  It still stands, with no plans to modify out of court.  There is another public meeting on May 10th 7pm for "further comment," but haven't we already been through this?

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  1. Good Morning! A couple of thoughts here. I understand Pace One is being re-vamped and slated to open soon. I heard that from a former insider so look for a opening date this summer. In regards to the Mint, yes, a lot of stores have skipped over (and I would contend never planning to be there) and the rumor is that Whole Foods or Wegmans was planning for Concordville. The Mint site is slated to get a store (Giant?) on the property. No movement on development or as far as I know plans have been submitted to the township.

    Tony I