Monday, May 7, 2012

Lack of Leadership taking a toll on Everybody's Home Town

3rd St. Bridge = 16yrs and $ 2million increase
Thursday night at 7pm Media Borough will hold yet another meeting on the third St. Bridge. The purpose is to "receive comments" as highlighted by the announcement on the borough's website.  If you were displeased with the fiasco on March 5th where the 3rd St Bridge town hall meeting turned into a dam breaching infomercial, you'll probably be less impressed with Thursday's event.   What's left to discuss that hasn't been over the last year.......or 16 years?

The three stakeholders met last Monday and out of that meeting came no breakthrough on the agreed upon court order.  The county feels it's a local issue and is not planning on reviewing any options proposed by Media Borough.  After the meeting Media Borough did reach out to the BLCC to see if a deal could be made, but nothing important to report there.  How Media Borough Council languished for so long before initiating any contact whatsoever on trying to work through this problem is a disaster for everyone.

However, know that the BLCC did act in the good faith of the community by hearing the borough out.  It's not likely you'll get this information freely from borough council Thursday night, but that's the "transparency" they would rather not discuss. 

Blame isn't leadership - Dem literature 2011
What people really want to know is why Borough Council proceeded to have all these meetings, committees, surveys and reports before trying to first discuss possible changes with the stakeholders.  Why didn't they organize a meeting with the BLCC and county officials months ago, like they did days ago?  A few hours of meetings and the information gathered last week shows a lot better view of what can or can't be done; than survey's, CAC and the months long misleading statements by borough council like "open for interpretation."  Apparently, the county and BLCC weren't telling people it's "open for interpretation."  This has been so badly mismanaged that Borough council should be apologizing to everyone, regardless of what your position is on the bridge. 

Media borough council failed to properly set the expectation, define the legal matters and bring to discussion with the stakeholders a cooperative dialogue of possible change to the court order.  Instead, they chose to follow their own political agenda and demonize the people they should have been working with. In the end they wasted everyone's time and money. AGAIN!



  1. Talk about beating a dead horse...

  2. This shouldn't be called a bridge project. Hike the park there and you see what it really is: a dam with a street running on top of it. Get rid of the 'dam' thing - I don't care if the wealthy buyers of those brandnew mcmasons up the street (and not paying borough taxes) were promised 'convenient access to Media'.

    It's a 'bridge' to nowhere.

    1. The McMansion term is so lame and over used you should be embarrassed for dragging it out. Those people are not evil because you think they have money. Would you ever look down on a neighbor because they did not have money? What if they put housing projects instead of homes in that same location would you direct so much ill will towards the occupants.Not likely, so why all the hate? They may not pay borough taxes but I can assure you they will be spending money on State Street and making the town a better place. It is not a bridge to nowhere as you state but rather a bridge to Media. A bridge my kids will take on the school bus each morning and one that I will walk across and drive across to enjoy Everybody's Hometown. I walk the park all the time and if you remove the dam and replace it or if you remove it and do nothing the damsge will be done to the trees on the current structure no matter what. No reason that new trees could not be planted in another section of the park since that is what would be done no matter what type of structure is decided on.Try and be happy with what you have and not worry so much about your wealthy neighbors. Incompetence is the only reason the dam is an issue after all this time. By the way ,I do not care if it is a road or a greenway, I just want it to be fixed and opened before it is too late.

    2. Anon 1:24 you are way off base. This is not being funded by borough taxes. This is being funded by a TIP as well as a grant from Senator Pillegi. Last time I checked all of those wealthy buyers do pay taxes, tax dollars that are being used to fund this project.

      You residents of Media think you are so special...Everyone's Hometown, that is a bunch of BS. Perhaps you would get the point if all of us Non Media residents boycotted the businesses of Media. Unfortunately that would only punish those business owners, business owners who support opening the roadway, not the NIMBY's trying to preserve the quite they have enjoyed due to the last 16 years of incompetence.

      Lastly, the cost of this project is already $2Million more today than it would have been 16 years ago. Add another $500K to change the plans, and another $500K to delay for 2 years to get on the next tip for your Greenway if this is delayed. As a taxpaying citizen, I will not allow my tax dollars to pay for a special interest project that only serves the minority of NIBMY residents who want a survey.

      Kent Davidson will have some free time soon, perhaps you and him can watch the contruction of the new roadway together from your porches. I will be sure to drive by on the new bridge and beep to say hello!

  3. Elitists..not wanting traffic through THEIR neighborhood..that is all this is being held up by.

  4. No more labeling anyone for or against the project, you Anonymous'es. Lets watch the 3 amigos on council continue to studder at the next 2 meetings and read the headlines on May 19 that council advises PenDot to proceed as planned!!

  5. And here we go again, all aboard the FAIL-train! You elect these bat***t liberals into power, you get the same gross incompetence you got the prior 30 years as nothing gets accomplished unless it involves putting a nice sign out or making creepy smile time with the video camera. This may rate amongst the worst of their work I've seen in this town over the past few decades - to think that they were handed the resolution to a 16 year problem on a silver platter with full funding yet they take it upon themselves to consider a final court order "open to negotiation". Whats "funny" is that they think their way of governing works with outside parties who clearly aren't interested in dealing with their nonsense. Bending over backwards for a NIMBY group fronting as a "Friends of the Park" organization couldn't be any more "transparent" as to where their affiliations lie. Speaking of nonsensical solutions to common sense transportation issues, is one of our brave council-people going to have the "you-know-whats" to try to tell us that the fully engineered redesign costs for a "greenway" to benefit a small group will cost us all "another beer each"?

    My prediction: We wait another decade or two. But fear not, the Eagles will win a Super Bowl before the Third Street Bridge returns to our community. At least they're making positive efforts...

  6. Media hasa had some great council members over the years...but time is now to open the road.