Friday, June 29, 2012

Fast and Fancy Restaurant - 28 years of both!

The dining in Media over the years has become a "go to" spot for many in the surrounding areas.  You want it, we got it; with everything from Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Asian, Americana and anything in between.  People are taking notice, as Media was recently mentioned in a Philadelphia publication as the land of a thousand restaurants.

Service, value and of course, food are what identifies a successful restaurant that keeps customers coming back.  Most of these establishments also sell liquor which helps to supplement popularity.  Ive been to some restaurants to eat and not drink and to others to do the opposite. There's something here for everyone.

But what really strikes out at me are the restaurants who don't get much glitz and glamor, but have been here longer than most people realize.  Delaware county's gem, Dignazio's Town House has been here since 1951, John's Grille and the Plumstead Inn are equally impressive with a combined century's worth of serving Media locals. You want the authenticity of a neighborhood bar, look no further than these two.  If you don't know what the famous "Two Buck Chuck" is, you ought to.

The nightly dining scene gets a lot of attention, but who's been around the longest serving breakfast?  Some would say technically, it's the Courthouse Diner, but with different ownerships it's debatable.  What isn't is their excellent food and service I've become quite fond of.  Probably the best eggs Benedict around. And with the new renovations, a popular eatery.  They also sever breakfast, lunch and dinner which is the only place in town who does all three.

However, 28 years of consistently serving breakfast and lunch makes Fast and Fancy, located on State Street in the Media Mall, the longest serving breakfast place.   Quick, great value and a wide selection of choices for breakfast and lunch.  What could you ask for?  It's got some great history too.  I know an elderly gentleman who takes his sister there every weekend and has for years.  He wouldn't think of going anywhere else.  They like the atmosphere and great food, as many of the other loyal customers do.

Owner, Roz Pahides has seen trendy places come and go, but has never strayed from her tried and true formula of providing customers a great meal at a great price.  She sits behind the counter with pride and purpose and is there virtually every hour the place is open.  Her dedication and keen attention to detail has made a place a local legend.  If a great restaurant is a reflection of it's management, look no further than Fast and Fancy.  Nobody stays in business for 28 years on pure luck, it's about happy customers and enjoyable food.

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