Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Sunday Morning 6-10-12 - Media in Two Minutes

It's Media in Two Minutes, a overview of some of the top stories that happened last week.

Nativity Holds School Closing Party:
It truly is an end of an era and nothing brought that home more than the fantastic party Nativity held on Friday to commemorate 100 years.  It was an honor to be invited and see how special this school really was to the Media community.  It was a celebration of sorts, but you could sense the sorrow of many who knew this was the end of the line.  A teacher went on to tell me how proud she was to have been a part of Nativity School and that it will be something she will always remember.

I thought it particularly nice that the event planners had a collection to help defray the costs for teachers who haven't found replacement work yet. Well done, Nativity!  As I've mentioned before, Media isn't just losing a school but an important part of the community fabric that will be greatly missed by this town.

12th Annual Blues Stroll and Family Movie Night at Barrall Field:
You couldn't have asked for better weather than what we had last night here in Media.  I guess you could say it was perfect which really is a big help for outdoor events.   It's hard to tell how well an event does, but based on attendance, it looked like the Blues Stroll had another great year.  The streets, and those dancing in them, were packed with a lot of people mingling up and down State St.  One observation and discussion I had with a bar owner was that people preferred to walk bar to bar with their drinks.  That's not the policy, nor is getting a cup from the bar you're at to put your drink in so you can walk around outside.  The bar owner I talked to had a big problem with that, as it took a lot of his time to monitor and enforce the rules.  It comes down to responsibility, which attendees seem to understand for the most part.

The Media Police do an excellent job during this event and I'm not aware of any serious problems with people drinking outside.  It's a tough boundary to set between people standing outside and drinking, as opposed to wandering down the street with a drink in their hand. 

WOW, I was really impressed with Media's Family Movie night at Barrall Field.  Not only was the turn-out great for the viewing of Toy Story 3, but the screen, audio and setup were pretty darn good.  Nice job by everyone who set this up. 

Burglaries reported in Upper Providence bordering the borough.
Technically it's upper providence, but boarders Media borough in the south.  Keep an eye out for a reported rash of burglaries that occurred over the last few weeks on Manchester Avenue, Letitia Lane, Idlewild Lane and Circle, Farnam Road and Winter Street.  There was an article in the Town Talk this week about these break-ins.

Do Trader Joe shopping cards belong on Veteran's Square?
There may be a valid reason for two Trader Joe shopping cards to be on Veteran's Sq. but I hope people aren't taking the carts and leaving them around town. 

Every so often this seems to happen, but I'm not sure why.  I'm quite sure this isn't the policy of Trader Joe's to have their carts leave the parking lot.

Media 5 Mile Race
Friday, June 15th is the world famous Media 5 Miler Race.  Race starts at 7pm, but be aware that traffic in the borough can be challenging with street closures and people traveling to and from the race. 

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  1. Michael Jordan, MediaJune 11, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    I attended Nativity B.V. M. when all the teachers were nuns. Nothing against the lay teachers. But I don't think it was ever the same once the nuns left. I might be old fashioned, but I liked the Mass before the priest started facing the people. And it was in Latin. Two of my favorite movies are "Going My Way" and the "The Bells of St Mary's." Where did that beautiful time go?