Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Sunday Morning 6-17-12 - Media in Two Minutes

It's Sunday morning, so it's undoubtedly Media in Two Minutes 
 a recap of this week's highlights.

Media 5 Mile Race, 6th St.
Let's start by saying the weather over the last few weeks has phenomenal. Friday night was perfect for the the Media 5 Mile run that never disappoints the runners nor the spectators.  A great article covering the event was written by Laura Wiseley of the Daily Times.

Media Super Wawa:
Last week there was movement on the next steps for a Super Wawa at the site of the old Media Inn.   A presentation was made to the planning commission to gauge what type of interest the borough might have for this project.  The design and renderings have been out for awhile, though this meeting was to start the formal process.

Will Media get a Super Wawa?
Based on the informal poll conducted on this site, responses seem favorable for a new Wawa.  Media Patch did a poll showing similar results back in January.  There have been a lot of reader comments too.  What I do know is this:  this is a "by right" property, which means the owner (Media Real Estate) has a lot of lead way on what they decide to build here.  That's where the 2nd, and less desirable option of a dollar store came from.  Technically, Media Real Estate could begin next week to put up a dollar store and be done with it, which I don't think anyone want to see, including me.

From my discussions, the Wawa Corp. is coming to the table in good faith to work with Media on an aesthetically pleasing and functioning store for the community.  My level of confidence on seeing this Wawa built in the next 18 months is about 60%, however, I wouldn't be surprised if the deal fell through at the hands of an inept borough council.

Rose Tree Park Summer Festival Starts this Week!
Wednesday, June 20th will start the beginning of the Rose Tree Summer Festival for 2012.

Did You know?
Oldest Business in Media PA
I didn't do a "Did you know" segment last week, but I'll try to do one on a regular basis.  Anyway, do you know the oldest business in Media, PA?

It's the J. Nelson Rigby Funeral home that has been around since 1857.  I know the Rigby family very well and went to school with the 5th generation sons, Jim and Steve "Huey" Rigby.

If you notice in the picture, the address is 110 W. State St., where they originally began.  They were at that location until the early 1900's when cars became more popular than horses and space was needed for parking.  They relocated to 1 West Baltimore Pike, which they've been at to this day.

Also interesting is their early phone number, which was during a time when a phone number was just two digits.  They still have their original number of "26" but with a lot more number to the left of it.  Today's number, 610-566- 4526


  1. Tedman, enough with the pre-cheap shots on the borough council. Do you know of something specific that the council is planning in terms of the Wawa project or are you just posturing?

  2. the "we buy gold" store next to starbucks looks really trashy and sleazy as the first thing people see coming into town. It is embarrassing, putting a dollar store in that spot just leads to another trashy, terrible first impression for people coming into the town.

    Again, a good informative articles on the Media Inn/Wawa proposal. It is why I read this site, the little personal agenda and council shots are what turn me off to this blog.

    No one forces me to read this blog, but I enjoy most of the info contained in it. I am not being swayed either way by the comments, but we get it, you don't like the current council, Every good thing you write about from here on out I promise I will mentally say at the end "I wouldn't be surprised if the deal fell through at the hands of an inept borough council." if you just stop writing it in every article.

    1. That is annoying but this is what really needs to be fixed;
      "which I don't think anyone want to see,including me."

    2. Council has sucked for 30+ years, it's nice to see someone finally call them out!

  3. The deal will not happen because of a number of issues the council has no control over.
    Traffic and mainly safety.

  4. Media Real Estate ain't going to put a "Dollar Store" on that site.
    A Super WaWa (with 16 gas pumps) is astronomically a better cash cow for a land lease deal. Dollar stores go out of business, Wawa
    lives forever. Do you think the Strines were born yesterday?

  5. Wawa is the one pushing for a Wawa at that site.

    The Strines, not having been born yesterday, know they can't put a super Wawa at that site. No push on their part for the past year or so.
    Wawa presented a plan and it was politely declined. For numerous reasons.
    Wawa hires Lynn as local representation. Lynn reaches out to Tedman.

    Just put lawyer's offices there. They keep it clean. They respect the town and bring lunch business. Then they leave and the town is nice and quiet.

    I'm tired of seeing trash leftover from all the events the town puts on. It reminds me of the town of a college town more and more.

  6. Oh, your Dem turned Rep girls on council suck now? And, are you saying that council would not be inept if you were on it? Try to stop the partisan BS and name calling and maybe you'll have better luck next time you run for council.