Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Attempted break-in last weekend in the vicinity of East 5th and Lemon

While attending Dining Under the Stars tonight, I had a family approach me explaining an attempted burglary they were concerned about  that took place in the vicinity of East 5th and Lemon Street area.  The burglary which apparently happened last Saturday before midnight, was thwarted by the home owner.  The perpetrators ran of after being startled.

Kudos to the Media Police for being on top of this and explaining to residents in the area the nature of the incident shortly after it occurred.  It appears to have been an isolated incident, but people need to know about this.  If someone on my street was the victim of an attempted burglary, I'd want to know immediately.

I've raised this issue before, but when these things happen, people typically don't learn about them until the Mayor gives his police report.  Depending on which day it is, you might have to wait 30 days before you hear the details.  Media needs to do better!

With the current technology available, issues like these could be assessed and conveyed to the community in minutes.  A social media neighborhood watch, per se.

What's Media Borough doing about conveying this and should they?  That's a good question.


  1. How about the crash at 4th and Jackson about 6;30 tonight. Driver and passenger had numerous bottles of pills and crack. Both were taken away by ambulance. No air bags deployed. Both into windshield. It was like a pharmacy on the trunk deck of the car. So lucky no-body hurt or killed !

    1. Did they have an Obama bumper sticker?