Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Monday (not Sunday) 7-9-12 - Media in Two Minutes!

Yes, you read that correctly,  the Sunday run-down happens to be on Monday this week.  The reason being, I'll be traveling a lot this month and my schedule hasn't been very conducive to sitting down for an hour to write a post.

Truthfully, I was going to give this week's "Media in Two Minutes" post the week off, but a few of you emailed wondering where it was.  So, although it's a day late, here it is......Let's Go!

Shopping carts left in the borough:
What immediately comes to mind is the recent sightings of shopping carts left around the borough.  I saw one again (third time) this week on Veteran's Square.  Not sure what's going on there, but it's now become the norm that a cart is left there, than the exception.  In addition, three ACME carts were left outside the Raven Hotel across the street in the empty lot.  I'm not sure why all the sudden this has become a problem, or if I've just taken more notice.

Super Wawa:
I don't expect much news on this item for the month of July, though things should start to pick up in August.  Interestingly, Edgmont is in a similar situation with a proposed Wawa in their township.  Media Town Talk covers the story and latest developments.

Trash cans and recycling bins at Media Little League field
A bit off topic, but I wanted to provide and update.  A few weeks ago there was a comment made that the Media Little League field was lacking trash cans and recycling bins.  I notified a few people about this to have something done.  I swung by this week and did see ample bins at the site.  Let me know if otherwise.

Third St. Bridge:
What I've termed as the the "controversial" Citizen's Advisory Committee has been quietly dissolved.  There was no  formal written statement about this, but was addressed at a recent council meeting.  Interesting timing here, as the CAC should have been utilized, especially now,  to provide input on the aesthetics for the agreed upon dam/bridge.

Bastille Celebration and Car Show:
Media has a big weekend coming up with the tremendously popular Bastille Day celebration hosted by the Media Arts Council.  A carnival of sorts that has something for every age group.  You can read more at the MAC website.

What I thought was Media's best event last year is back!  On July 15th, is the 5th Annual Car show held on State St. I won't be able to make either event, but look forward to the pictures.

Here's a video from last year's 2011 event.


  1. Ted...MLL had recycling cans all season. The problem is people just threw any trash in there, so unless someone went through by hand and pulled the recyclables out, I'm sure they just got trashed with the regular trash.

  2. Deals and Acme allows customers to take carts off the lot, the problem is that the shoppers do not walk the carts back. I am constantly bring carts back to Deals.

  3. Tedman-The all volunteer CAC completed the task directed to them by Borough Council. Please remember that they spent hours of thier own time to complete what was solely directed to them and I didn 't see you volunteering your time. Just constantly commenting on what they did, didn't do or what you think they should be doing.

    1. Yeah, it was a dog & pony show, otherwise known as a complete waste of time.

  4. thank you for the recycling! I am the one who pointed it out originally..I can tell you, this is my third year participating and there were no recycling bins...We will be there tomorrow night so will check it out..thanks tedman!-leslie.