Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Sunday Morning 7-1-12 Media in Two Minutes!

We're on the verge of a big vacation time here in Media with the fourth of July falling dead smack in the middle of the week.  If you haven't noticed, things have started to slow down over the weekend, as people leave town to travel to their destination get-aways.  

Local Businesses probably notice the lack of people more than anyone else, which is why Dining Under the Stars has been cancelled for Wednesday July 4th.  However, there will be an Independence Day celebration at Barrall Field from 10am - 12pm that day.  They'll have a water slide, bike parade, games, spin art and a performance by Silly Joe.

Okay, so here we go..........Media in Two Minutes!

Bastille Day vs. Independence Day
About this time every year, as it's become almost unavoidable, I'm asked why is there a Bastille Day and not an Independence Day celebrated in Media?  People get fired up about this, especially the gentleman who makes sure I don't forget this discrepancy by emphasizing it with a finger in my chest, a stern glare and the not so subtle, "It's a disgrace Media doesn't celebrate Independence Day!"  After he says his peace, I'll see him 10 times throughout the year and he wont' say another word to me until next year.

First off, Bastille Day has become very popular here in Media with it's crowd pleasing re-anctments, festivities and events.  It's well done, well liked and is not in competition with Independence Day.  Enough said on that.

Nothing celebrates Independence Day like fireworks, but since that was discontinued back in 1986, not much has been done for this day.  Media does do a small celebration typically at Barrall field, but it's noting like a full scale parade.  In fact, a parade would be tough in do to in July with people out of town on vacation and lack of marching bands with schools being out.  If you have an idea for a way for Media to celebrate Independence, I'd like to hear it.

A Media Fair....and the Winner is?
Over the last two weeks we held a contest to see who could come up with an idea worthy of a fundraising event.  The winner "Neil" won a Kindle Fire for recommending a fair be held to include all types of groups who could benefit from this type of collective effort.  You can read more here.

A Super Duper Wawa
Media's only going to get one shot to do the "gateway" to Media correctly, and that means NO dollar store.  Wawa Corp. has gone to great lengths to please the residents with designs of it's new proposed store.  Truthfully, that's a great start and shows their cooperation, but they can do more.  As a store that will be a few miles from Wawa, PA, this store should be a showcase location.  

There's a lot of people interested in this plan and done the right way, it could work well for everyone.  In addition to the design aesthetics, the traffic challenges will have to be worked out.  This project will have a long way to go, so things can change...stay tuned.

Media's Hampton Inn
This project has been suspiciously quiet for a long time, though that's about to change.  This week I learned that movement will start to begin in July in terms of permits and subsequent demolition of the former building.  I'm also aware of a sewer/public water modification needed, but not sure where that is at.

Third St. Bridge
This week's article by the raising the concerns PennDot has with Media Borough council on commitments toward the Third St. Bridge is an embarrassment for this town.  After 16 years and people serving previous council terms to address this matter; how can anyone say, "what design do we have now?  We need to know what we're talking about."

With comments like that, it seems this whole project is sliding backwards.  However, the stakes are very high with PennDot getting anxious with the money on the table for this project.  It shouldn't come as a surprise, as this is the same party that couldn't reach an agreement for 16 years and is now, again, not showing any leadership towards getting this done. 

To the taxpayers:  start putting a little more aside each month, as there may be a real possibility that it'll be us who bails out Media Borough council for losing a fully funded bridge due to ineptness.

ATM going Live!
I've been invited to do a live broadcast from State St. in the coming weeks.  More on that to come, but something that I may pick up more of.  Producing video segments is time consuming, but perhaps that time has come.


  1. I’m sure that finger pointing idiot who is complaining about no July 4th events is probably a nut who’d complain if his taxes went up to pay for such an event. Sounds like a typical “patriot” who wants all types of things he likes from government, but won’t pay any taxes for them.

  2. I think the most important thing for the new Wawa is that the building go right up to the State street sidewalk with a front door right there. It would be so much more appropiate for the village atmosphere. The context of having the trolley come into town with the Wawa market right there would be cool. It would also fill in the empty space. Naturally, there could also be a door on the opposite side (Baltimore Avenue) side for cars. One other idea: have a drive-thru just for coffee. Would be unique, practical and hip