Friday, July 6, 2012

Media Traffic Lights - Here's why your waiting for the light to change

Remember Media's CMAQ Congestion Mitigation Air Quality project?  The project that allowed for a new traffic system and lights to be installed throughout Media and was awarded back in 1997?  If not, It'll quickly come back to you if you've had to sit at one of Media's traffic signals for any extended amount of time waiting for the lights to change. 

I spoke to a few contractors last week who are STILL working on this project and who told me that they haven't yet hooked up the computer systems that will allow for traffic synchronization. That was the whole reason in the first place for the project, which cost $1.9 million! Concerning even further was that they didn't have a high level of confidence it'll get fixed anytime soon.  In comparison, Springfield township had a similar project that was completed in 2 years.

Traffic Lights Haven't been Synchronized
15 years and counting for a project that typically can be done in two?  This is what happens when borough government issues a no-bid contract to a former borough engineer who goes on to bill $200,000 in fees.

So when you see no perpendicular traffic at an intersection and wonder why the light is taking so long to change, you'll now know it's because it hasn't been hooked up.


  1. It's amazing a project like this wasn't open to bidding by qualified contractors. Thousands of cities across America have traffic lights, designed for adequate, if not rapid traffic flow. The concept is not hard and the software should be COTS by now. Maybe not really COTS, but readily available if an experienced contractor is used.

    This project reminds me of work on the Garrard Point Bridge (95 into Philly) project, before the newly organized refit took action. Bridge maintenance was paid out with no real results.

  2. The cost is much worse than the $$$ cost. It is costing us in time and aggrevation every day. Unfortunately, it also pushes traffic off into the side streets which is not good for anyone.

  3. At one time the traffic lights on state st. Would turn to flash at 11 PM to 7AM.
    Low traffic times and would allow cars to move along without sitting there burning gas.
    Brought this up to a Media councliman (Derrickson) a couple years back and he looked at me as if I just asked for his first born...bring back the flashing lights save gas ...cleaner brainer...