Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Sunday 8-26-12......Media In Two Minutes

La Porta Restaurant is, well, AWESOME!
Thinking about going to La Porta? EXCELLENT CHOICE!
I finally had a chance to get out to Edgmont and try the tremendously popular La Porta Restaurant.  I didn't think after the Locust Crest this venue would see another well liked icon, but La Porta is well on it's way to becoming one.   Understand, I'm not a food critic, so I won't dazzle you with a play by play of the meal, but I don't think I have to.  Just GO!

The gorgonzola/ham pizza was excellent!  This coming from a guy who maybe has two pizzas a year.  The wait staff was very friendly and our bartender Bruce orchestrated a nice pairing of sangria and wine.  The place always had a nice vibe, even when it was the Locust Crest.  What I like most about the place is how they were able to retain the rustic charm.

I understand there are plans in the future for open air dining outside.  That along with great food will really make for a nice eatery in this area.

Keep your Butts of State Street:
From a post earlier this week, quite a few people voiced their displeasure with the cleanliness of State Street and the sidewalks.  If people want to see a REAL change, it'll take a collective effort from residents and business to make it happen.  Some one or group needs to step up and take the lead on this, as it won't be solved by me writing about it.

Four Paws Store Closing:
Sorry to see Four Paws pet store closing on Jackson Street. With all the pet owners in Media, I thought this would have done very well, especially at the newer location.  Unfortunately, retail on State Street is not easy unless you have a specialized product that isn't sold by a big box store or readily available via the internet.

Third St. Bridge
I hope no one threw this sign away, it may need to go back up.
There was a Dam Safety Tour and Workshop on August 20th sponsored by the Friends of Glen Providence Park and attended by Paul Robinson and Kent Davidson.  The whole event was put together in hopes of them hearing damaging testimony by the Department of Environmental Protection DEP on the feared public safety issue with a dam.  Turns out, DEP was quite supportive of the dam and gave interesting statics on failure rates that bolstered a future dam.  I also was told Mr. Davidson wasn't too happy with what the DEP presented, as it countered his agenda that doesn't include the current agreed upon design.

The DEP went on to say breaching the dam would eventually allow the oxgen deprived silt to work its way down to the glen providence park pond.  This would in turn harm the fish and wildlife that are currently there.  So essentially, a dam is good for not only the design but allows life to flourish down stream.

I expect a report from both Davidson and Robinson (both who signed the FROGs petition while campaigning) to explain the findings to the public.


  1. Robinson and Davidson are going to straddle Media Borough with a mountain of lawsuits that will put a smile on the face of the legal community. Laughing all the way to the bank. The residents(the suckers)will pay the legal bills. They always do.

    1. Who will pay for dredging the BLCC lake?

  2. Some of the worst offenders are some of the employees of the State Street businesses themselves! I often see them smoking outside the place they work, drop the butt on the ground, mash it with their shoe, and leave it there.

  3. The Dam Safety Workshop was attended by 2 paid boro workers so shouldn't there be minutes of that meeting Mr. Robinson and Mr. Davidson should see to it especially since they recognize the FROGS grassroots group.