Friday, August 31, 2012

Media Elementary/Nativity Update: RTM School board proactive on potential traffic issue

Averting potential traffic issues at new Nativity location
This morning I received a call from concerned residents in South Media that the needed demolition for the forthcoming condos on S. Edgemont street is set to begin.  The project has or is obtaining the required permits to begin tearing down the current house and connected parking area.  I’m not sure of the date when this will start, but this could potentially cause an issue with school bus entry and exit from Nativity should heavy equipment be obstructing S. Edgemont St. 

The RTM school board has been made aware of the situation and is proactively investigating further.  Hopefully this is a non-issue, but wanted to address the concerns of the residents in the south and families who will have children attending this school.

Demolition set to begin across the Street (S. Edgemont St) from Nativity


  1. how do we find out info on the condos? Is the big victorian house on the corner going down as well? It seems weird that someone would build condos behind the McDonalds dumpsters...why not on the land between the Sunoco and the Dunkin Donuts?

    1. I think Media Real Estate has some type of sign up on that land between Sunoco and Dunkin that indicates a building is planned.

      The McDonald's dumpster issue can be solved with planting of the correct types of trees, etc. behind the condos. I doubt anybody is going to pay that type of money for a view of Baltimore Pike as is.

  2. Yes, the big victorian house on the corner will be razed.

  3. So sad to see the Victorians being torn down for condos. Doesn't media have enough overpriced housing. Seems like us blue collared workers are getting pushed out of a town We all grew up in.