Saturday, August 11, 2012

Media's Family Movie Night - TONIGHT on Barrall Fiedl

Media has their Family Movie Night scheduled for this evening at dusk on Barrall Field.  With a two story movie screen, you'll feel like you're right back to the days of drive in movies.  

Tonight's feature is Cars 2.

Due to storms in the area, you may want to call the recreation office at 610-566-5210 x255 for up to the minute updates.


  1. Tedman,

    I know this isn't the appropriate avenue for what I am about to post, but can you please mention this to whom you think thi is appropriate, as you have posted about my problem before. I was at the media elementary school today with my family, TRYING to enjoy a nice afternoon, but there were a bunch of kids playing basketball there, cursing, smoking marijuana and throwing the trash can around. Basically just causing havoc for my self and other families that were there with young kids. It was quite embarrassing honestly. I know the cops are busy with other problems, but has anyone brought up an idea of a volunteer program to have adults police the playground during the day and night. I am sure there are plenty adults who would volunteer for this position. I do think these volunteers should wear a security jacket or tshirt to scare the unwanted menices around. Just an idea. Just a simple note from a long time, concerned resident

  2. I know there had been problems in the past with the playground. I'll let the Media Police and RTM school board know of the issues. A volunteer program may be a possibility.



  3. There is a security guard up there from 7 to 10. Problem is, the one guy just sits in his car the whole time and doesn't enforce anything. The guy in Sunday nights kicks the kids out if he hears the cursing,many doesn't let them skateboard in there. It is disgusting hearing the things come out of 12 year olds mouths, their parents ought to be ashamed. I had a group of boys curse me out and refuse to stop after I asked them to go play dodge ball elsewhere as they chose to play on the slide structure where a bunch of little kids were playing. Oh, and saw one kid peeing on the wall leading up to the kindergarten wing. Apparently they do that often, which is absolutely disgusting seeing as the school kid play there!