Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Media's MBA approves motion in favor of Super Wawa

Media's Business Authority approves motion in support of Wawa
At tonight's meeting the Media Business Authority (MBA) approved a motion in favor of the proposed Super Wawa.  Although the approval was contingent on the Wawa meeting certain criteria, this is at least a show of leadership on a matter that is quickly becoming a big issue for the borough.  One MBA member went as far as saying that he hasn't found anyone against bringing a Super Wawa to the former Media Inn site.  Another openly appreciated the work Wawa did through their drawings to make the proposed building as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

It was also interesting that the MBA didn't agree with council laision, Eric Stein's assessment of the Wawa plan that he's against.  They went on to say they appreciated the Wawa presentation and thought they did have a concept that showed sensitivity to the importance of fitting in with the town.

A mentioned alternative to Wawa
The traffic issue for this Super Wawa, or any other business (i.e. office or dollar store), is something that's going to have to be dealt with sooner or later.  If Media Borough Council is going to turn their noses up to a well known business that'll provide 35 jobs, contracting work ($1 million) and a steady tax base revenue, then we should know what they have planned as an alternative.

Traffic could potentially be challenging, but what Media lacks is a council that'll step up and work through the issues.  This is the same mentality from the same group that's left a bridge in disrepair (16 yrs), traffic projects uncompleted (15 yrs) and up until recently, 1 West State St. (Spasso's) languish for a decade because selling it for $1million was considered by them as short sighted.  In 2011 the buiding was sold for $650,000.

May 2005 Meeting Minutes


  1. I'm someone and I don't want a Super Wawa. I don't think a Super Wawa is inline with "Everyone's Hometown," feels more like ever other town in Delco. You can leave Media in any direction and hit a super Wawa. The dollar store sucks too. Amazing those are the only options pursued for development.

    1. Hmm. That sounds like a plan. Find a business that people want, and force them to drive to neighboring towns in order to get shop. Let's push out all supermarkets,coffee shops, gas stations, and pizza parlors to neighboring towns also. Why would we want them in Media if they can be found anywhere in Delaware County? Simply brilliant logic.

  2. I'm someone who also is not in favor of a Super Wawa, particularly at that location. I navigate that intersection daily, and it's already a nightmare at rush hour both morning and night. Has there been any plan of how traffic could be managed? There's just so much going on there, between the trolley, the Acme strip mall, the Starbucks, and the Lukoil, all sandwiched between Front Street and Baltimore Pike.

    I agree that it's a valuable location, and that it certainly can't go to waste. But I find it interesting that when some residents near the proposed Hampton Inn location expressed concern about traffic and design, Republican council members leapt to their cause. But now, when other residents who may be affected by the possible Super Wawa express concern, they get branded as being anti-jobs and anti-local business.

    And I'm really tired of seeing the Dollar Store option being thrown up, I can't see any reference anywhere to where this was mentioned, let alone as a serious possibility.

  3. Getting ready to sit a half hour trying to get home to the West end of town. I'm so excited about that.

  4. Glad to see a favorable response to the Wawa proposal. I mean get real people...we need a business there that will succeed in today's economy and there are not that many that can go in and be 1) a service to the town 2) a tax base for the town 3) an employer for the town and a bona fide success in that it won't open for a few years and then slowly go down the drain. Wawa is a good choice and a very smart choice for Media. Traffic will divert there for the coffees and gas but these are cars going past there on their way to work anyway- so they make a 10 minute stop to by a donut and coffee- meantime 20 cars have gone thru the intersection.. it should be fine if there are enough entrances and exits to the various streets involved to keep the flow going. I say "Thanks Wawa" for choosing Media once again!! Make it a good one!