Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Parking in Media, Olive Street Parking Garage and Borough Priorities

I’ve written about this issue in the past, but it seems the conditions at the Olive St. parking garage are getting noticeably worse.  The fact that you can feel the top-side parking lot gently flex during events was what prompted me to comment on this initially.  Not only can you feel it, but I also saw it swaying a motorcycle parked on a kick-stand.  I’m not a structural engineer, so I can’t say this is part of the design or not(I doubt it), but I’ve not noticed such an occurrence with similar structures.

Interestingly enough, what I found this weekend further supports a concern for this structure.  This included separated seems in the top floor big enough to see daylight through.   It’s not just one seam, but appears to be a couple that run a few feet along concrete slabs.  After Saturday’s morning rain storms, water was still dripping through on to cars parked on the second level.  The mineral deposits from this water has ruined the finish of at least one car I know of.  The owner eventually filed an insurance claim against the borough.  If you park your car there for days at a time, look for leaks from above.

Shortly after I posted my findings a few months ago, the borough did apply a few asphalt patches.  However, they look neither effective nor long term, as the repair work looks to be eroding away. I will reach out to see what the long term plans are for this structure, but I’m not sure there are any. Repair? Maintenance? Replacement?   Media businesses are challenged enough with the parking situation as it is now.  To lose additional spaces due to neglected borough infrastructure, would really have an impact on events. (i.e. Dining Under the Stars)

This again goes to illustrate the lack of focus and priorities that Mayor Bob McMahon and borough council have towards this town.  Instead of addressing real issues, they are clamouring over  a $20,000, 5 minute infomercial from a shady telemarketer who was investigated and fined by the Florida Attorney General.  Not only did they fail to properly investigate this “telemarketer,” (They didn't know of the investigation until it was reported on this site) they didn’t even put the work out to bid to local businesses.  And after a month, the mayor never replied to my letter I sent to him on behalf of those local businesses and taxpayers who requested further clarity on the situation.


  1. Media is literally crumbling down to the ground right in front of our eyes. Way to go borough...way to go!!!!

  2. Perhaps, this is on their agenda. We have a great, diverse, creative community who has been known to act upon situations. Give them a chance. Stay positive.

  3. Could be an opportune time to raze the structure. That's prime real estate there. Maybe they could build a new one over at the industrial area on the S side of W Baltimore Ave. Then the current parcel could be redeveloped.

  4. MBA needs to apply some pressure here. The loss of three levels of spaces would be very harmful to business.

  5. I can't speak to specifics in this structure (I'm not a professional) but it's basic physics that all buildings sway and need to do so in order to cope with the shaking caused by cars and wind, etc. Expansion joints also can't be filled in with concrete, because you need a flexible joint in order to accommodate the building's sway. What's needed is an evaluation by a structural engineer to determine whether the problems you see are in fact real problems.