Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Sunday 9-16-12.......Media in Two Minutes

It's a little late getting out this am......but here it is, "Media in Two Minutes!"

Let's go!

Fall Super Sunday 2012!
If you didn't know, today is Media's Fall Super Sunday.  I'm not sure what people think of this event anymore; however it does mark the kick-off of Fall in Media.  The Food Fest is scheduled for October 7th.  I'm not sure how much the Brandywine CVB is involved with this year's Food Festival, but they always provide a noticeable marketing and organization boost to these types of events.

A couple months back I was approached by Amanda Kaplan who was looking for ideas for a community volunteer project.  I not only thought it was a good project, but worth kick starting by providing a Amazon Kindle Fire to who ever provided the best cause.

We received many, but the one that won entailed having a community fair at Barrall Park.  Conceptually, it's a great plan, but will take some work; however, Amanda is doing a great job getting this together.  Please check out her site at, and if you have the time, volunteers are always welcomed.

The World Famous Log Cabin Inn of Media
A lot of people liked the matchbook cover posted of the Old Log Cabin Inn of Media.  It burned down in 1993 and was located where the Granite Run GMC/Buick dealership currently is now.  Anyway, I had a few prints made up and will let you know how they turn out.

Here's a little history on the owners, the restaurant and the many people who entertained there.

Keep Your Butts Off State Street.
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Great job by TimeBank Media who along with the Media MBA, organized a clean up effort on Saturday to tackle the cigarette butt issue that has menaced State Street.  In fact, they'll be having this clean up effort every 2nd Saturday of each month. 

Dining Under the Stars
Perhaps the most successful season to date, but there's only two DUS nights left for the year. 

Third Street Bridge Update
Daily Times reporter, Susan Serbin posted an article covering Council's last workshop meeting.  One item she failed to mention, was Councilman's Kent Davidson's idea to procure a bond in the event the funding somehow expired for the Third Street Bridge.  As surprising that was to the audience, let's hope that doesn't happen.

The mismanagement of this whole affair by borough council, along with their biased positions towards the Friends of the Glen Providence park group, as pointed out many times, is not good for this town.  Here's an article from a Media resident on the subject.

The next meeting is Thursday September 20th for the monthly borough council meeting.  Which I will ask again for the THIRD time: What are borough council's thoughts on Councilman Kent Davidson providing undisclosed services and resources to a special interest group lobbying for his decision on a $3.4 million project?


  1. I never like to critize a reporter, especially those who cover local governments. But Susan Serbin left a bombshell item out of her coverage of Media Borough's Sept 2012 workshop meeting. The newsworthy item: Councilman Kent Davidson suggested Media could float a bond issue if the borough lost the funding for the 3rd Street Bridge Project. I never heard a more incredible statement in 40 years of attending public meetings.

  2. Do not care about web deal,just the pandering to the frogs born when 3rd was done..did not carew about Park..but do now?gimee a break from the NIMBYS.

  3. But did Rod Carew about the park?