Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Sunday 9-23-12......Media in Two Minutes

There are a lot of thing going on in and around Media, so I'll try to cover them as quickly as I can.

Let's Go!

New Bakery Coming to Media: Viso's!
Viso's will be located on N. Jackson Street at the site of the former Four Paws pet store.  Opening is expected to be November 1st.  Check them out on Facebook and welcome to Media.

Media Youth Center Winter Basketball Registartions:
A long time Media tradition, check out the Youth Center's registration information.  A great program doing great things for the community.  I played for the Youth Center and still have many friendships from the experience, despite my football mentality.  

Media's 10th Annual CAC Fine Arts and Crafts Festival:
Nice event held yesterday on State Street.  I didn't purchase anything, but they did have some nature wood finished tables for sale that were STELLAR.  Very Nice.

Next up will be Media's 32nd Food and Crafts Festival held on October 7th.  I liked it when it was purely known for the food part.  I think adding crafts to the extent they have been over the years, makes this feel more like another Super Sunday.

Dining Under the Star.....Grand Finale
It's been a banner year for Dining Under the Stars, but all good things must come to an end, at least for this season.  Wednesday, September 26th will be the last DUS of the season.

Media VFW making News
Last week the Media VFW held an event to recognize National POW/MIA Awareness Day.  Here's a great story featured in the Daily Times.

FRIDAY Dinners 6:30 to 8pm are back starting in October.  Check out their upcoming events.

Rose Tree Colts to dedicate field in honor of founder, William "Chief" Hampton
This will be a very proud moment for Media and Rose Tree when the Colts dedicate their field in honor of founder, William "Chief" Hampton.  The ceremony will begin at 12pm at Rose Tree School.  As a RTC alumni, I will be there!

New development underway at Edgmont and Jefferson:
Last week, heavy equipment moved on to the property to clear the lot for the upcoming condo units.  Development of any sort is a sensitive subject to Media and the comments towards that post reflected that. This seems to be moving fast and I'll provide weekly updates and pictures as work progresses.

To gain a bit of context about the project, check out the piece done by the Daily Times awhile back.

Is Media ready for another 5 Miler?
The Media 5 mile run is a big success, but how about another?  Seems one is in the works but meeting resistance from Borough Council.  I don't yet know all the details, but looks like a neat idea.

Voter ID and Help at the Polls:
The Pennsylvania courts are still deciding this one, but make sure you have a voter ID just in case.  Check out for more information.  The deadline to register to vote for the November 6 election is Tuesday, October 9. You can download a voter registration form at 

Where is your Media voting poll?  Check out the link.

As always, help at the polls is always needed.  No matter what party affiliation, staffing the polls as a judge, machine operator or inspector is critical.  Unfortunately, most of our polling places in Media are understaffed come election day.  Get involved! 

Third Street Bridge Update: The GOOD, BAD and UGLY
The "Good" is that people are starting to realize that this borough council was manipulating the outcome of this project the whole time.  Here's what one resident had to say in the Daily Times.  The "Bad" is that this will probably go back to court based on Council President Brian Hall's decision to complicate the matter by accepting a one-lane design over the financed, approved and ready to go two-lane requirement.  The "UGLY" Media Borough Council has seriously jeopardized the funding and its fiduciary responsibility if this should remain in court for any length of time.

Last week's Borough Council Meeting:
If Councilwoman, Monica Simpson feels the need to apologize for behavior at council meetings, maybe she should start with Paul Robinson when he made a prepared statement to insult Middletown, Upper Providence and Rose Tree Media School for passing their resolutions for opening the Third St. Bridge.  Monica Simpson was out of order for denouncing Councilwoman Dawn Roe who was speaking up on her thoughts regarding the council's conduct.  Many people in the audience were embarrassed by what now seems to be typical bickering among council members at these meetings.

Where's Media's Mayor, Bob McMahon?  
Last Wednesday, Bob McMahon at Dining Under the Stars wanted me to know and told me that he fully supports a two-way design for the Third Street Bridge.  Unfortunately, that statement and leadership was never needed more than during the council meeting the very next day.  What happened?  Mayor Bob McMahon sat quietly throughout the whole meeting and never said a word in support of the people who were they petitioning council on the two-way design. NOT ONE WORD!

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  1. Michael Jordan, MediaSeptember 23, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    Mayor Bob is a good guy. But he is too ready to please everyone. Bob is not a Democrat, he is not a Republican. He is both. The only Mayor maybe in Pennsylvania, who could fit this designation.

    And when you try to please everyone, at least from my expeince in life, you please no one.