Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Sunday 9-30-12......Media in Two Minutes

Here we are again with another Sunday morning, so that could only mean......Media in Two Minutes!

Let's Go!

Coming up next week......Media Food and Craft Festival OCT 7
Oct 7, 10-5pm
It was better when it was purely a Food festival, but this year it'll include crafts too.  Remember when this event was the show down for who in the area had the best crab cakes?  A lot of people favored the Little Inn, but eitherway that's when this event was a lot of fun.  West Chester has a stellar turn-out for their Food Festival, which I hope Media can take a few queues from.

The Great Pumpkin Carving Contest:
A big THANKS to Drew Arata and Earth and State for hosting the pumping carving contest last evening on Plum Street Mall.  It's great that Linvilla Orchards was such a big supporter of this and contributed to the effort.   We'll have to get a tally of who had the best pumpkin carving abilities.  Here are a few pictures.

Power Women in Media: Mary Bigham and Susan Garrison
Nothing makes writing this blog easier than when I can showcase people doing great things.  Congratulations to Mary and Susan for being recognized in Main Line Today's 21 Power Women.

Mary started West Chester Dish which is a foodies bible of what's great in the world of food.  The site and business was such a success that Media has it's own "Dish" representation via Media Dish.  They do a great job and are quite handy with navigating all the great restaurants in the area.

Susan runs the Media Foundation Center here in the borough and has been a leading force with advocating women issues here in Delaware county.  Whether instilling independence, self sufficiency or a host of personal skill, this foundation does it all and has helped many.  Her foundation also serves Montgomery and Chester counties too. 

Swiss Farms in Media PA
Media Loves Swiss Farms
How much more convenient can convenience get?  Let me begin with how great of a 'true value' the Swiss Farm in Media provides.  Drive up groceries, easy in and out and the King of last minute milk.   I like our Swiss Farms and know a lot you all do to.  But here's new twist, in the coming week's Swiss Farms will provide online grocery shopping.  Let your fingers do the typing, jump in your vehicle and swing by the store for the pick up.  I'm not sure who might use this, as it's just as long to type in your order, than just going to the store, but pretty neat either way.

Do we need a fancy cigar store?
Rose's on Baker and Olive St.
There was talk late this Summer that a high-end cigar store was interested in setting up in Media.  That fell through, but fear not.  One of the best and friendliest stores in Media also sells a wide and premium selection of cigars.  That's Rose's on Olive and Baker Streets.  A Media CLASSIC!

Rose Tree Colts to dedicate field to Founder

Next Saturday, October 6th at 12pm, The Rose Tree Colts football team will honor their founder by dedicating their field in his name.  Look forward to being there.

Penncrest wins MEDIA BOWL!....31 to 29!
When I played it was known at the Media Burger King Bowl, as the winner had the bragging rights of the hangout that both Penncrest and Strathaven routinely visited during football season.   Each Friday night both teams would go to Burger King (now Nova bank across from Starbucks) to have dinner and rally for the next days Central League game.  There wasn't much to do back then, so this was always a big night for both schools.  Glad to see the rivalry is still there.

Burglary Reported on Farnum Rd.
please call 610-804-6169
Last week Media Patch reported a burglary on Farnum Road.  I try to bring attention to these types of incidents the best I can, though if you see suspicious activity, please call 911.  Though this is technically Upper Providence, it's in close proximity to Media who should do a better job at notifying residents of these types of incidents.  

Have you seen this cat?
A cat was found in the vicinity of 5th and Jackson Streets.  If you're missing a cat or know someone who is, you may want to call the number 610-804-6169

Condos on Jefferson and Edgemont
They cleared the lot quite quickly so actual construction can't be too far away.  I'm not sure people were aware how much space this lot had.

Edgemont and Jefferson Streets

Media is getting Credit Card capable Parking Meters
Media is set to get upgraded parking meters with the ability to accept credit cards.  I've not see the setup and not sure how it'll actually work.  My question, would a parking payment kiosk have been better and more current with the times?  You see them down town and at a lot of the shore towns in Jersey and Delaware.  

The $3.4 million Question?!?!?!
It shouldn't be a question at all, but Media Borough Council continues to show poor judgement on an issue that's plagued this town and taxpayers for 16 years.  Last week a contempt of court complaint was filed against Media Borough for their decision for a one-lane roadway to be built across the bridge/dam.  With questions now raised over what will happen with the $3.4 million in funding, one can only wonder why borough council would challenge a prior agreement and judge issued court order.

Last week I contact Media Borough for a statement on this matter and what ramifications this will have towards the funding.

Media's $20,000, five minute "Today in America" infomercial to film next week.
The hits just keep coming from Media Borough as next week it's expected that the $20,000 informercial will begin filming.  Despite the outcry from taxpayers and local businesses who would have liked to have the opportunity to bid on this project, Mayor Bob McMahon decided otherwise.   This after it was found the production company doing the filming was investigated and fined by the Florida Attorney General for misleading businesses and town.

Essentially, Media was caught up in a telemarketing scam that no one on council took the time to investigate until it was revealed on this site.  Instead of cancelling, Media Borough Council has decided to continue.  $20,000 could have gone to fixing the Olive Street Garage along with cleaning up State Street and an host of other issues.  If anything, this should have gone to bid to local companies for the best value at the best price.


  1. Media is going to replace every parking meter with a credit card capable meter? Just go with the ONE kiosk per block model used in center city Philadelphia! I have no idea of the cost of replacing every meter vs purchasing one kiosk per block. I assume someone did the cost analysis...maybe? Hopefully?

  2. Anybody know why there were 3 police cars on Twyckenham Road around 3 pm yesterday--once from Marple Twp. Hoping not another burglary.

    1. It was another burglary, this time at a house on Beatty road.

  3. Rose's is the best!!