Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's Sunday 9-9-12.......Media in Two Minutes

Thanks for all the responses and readers who take the time to read "Media in Two Minutes,"  I didn't know there were so many of you.  For those that are new to this Sunday morning post; it's a quick rundown of the week's issues along with the latest perspective on what's going on around town.  Look for it each Sunday by 9am.

Ok, Let's Go!

Great Media Garage Sale:
It's been happening for 26 years, but has the great garage sale lost some luster?  I remember about 6-8 years ago this was a really big event that sort of felt like a big social get together.  Many people had setup and displayed their items while causally talking to their neighbors throughout the whole event.  That still goes on, but seems to be on a lot smaller scale. 

Yesterday's event started at 9am, seemed to peak at 11am and was about over by 2pm.  Attendance seemed light to moderate.

If you have items that didn't sell and may be useful to someone else, check out today's Media Freemarket.  It's a barter exchange event.

Next Up! Fall Super Sunday -  September 16th 2012
Affectionately known as "Super Sock Sunday" among the locals, Fall Super Sunday is a week away.  

2012 Dining Under the Stars Season ends September 26th
Hurry, it's still not too late to get another couple Wednesday Dining Under the Stars evenings in.  There are THREE left.  The season end on Wednesday, September 26th!

Media Eateries:
I learned that construction is underway for the latest pizza place to come to Media - DoubleDecker Pizza.  No date on the grand opening, but perhaps in the coming weeks.

La Porta
It's not a big place to begin with, but La Porta has definitely become the hottest place around.  The secret is out and if you think you can just walk in on a Saturday evening an sit down at the bar, you're mistaken.  The place is packed, but very nice job on providing valet service.  

I don't eat pizza, but here we were back with in a month to have the same pizza dish I had before.  Do they take reservation?  I don't know.

Don't forget to try Italian food served Mexican style.....or maybe that's the other way around.  Eitherway, Ariano's has Mexican night on Monday's.

Delaware County Literacy Council:
This Wednesday, Sept. 12th, I'll be helping Phil Heron, Editor of the Delcotimes with spreading awareness on a very BIG issue that doesn't get a lot of exposure.  That's the Delaware County Literacy Council.  We'll be doing a live video cast and to help out, I've offered any resources or services to help spread the word.  You can read my story about this cause here.

Media's Third Street Bridge - Expired Leadership
I attended last Thursday's Council workshop meeting to better understand what has been happening since council's vote in favor of the project back in April.  I can sum it up in one word: NOTHING!  Here we are with council proposing to extending deadlines for funding while nothing has been done in the last five months.  

Borough Council needs to decide if they are going to do this project that's fully funded or not.  Delaying this just drives up the costs as we seen over 16 years.  There's no reason to hear "I don't know" and "We're working hard" when not a thing has been done.  Based on what I saw Thursday, the lack of leadership is starting to anger this community with some openly questioning the relationship this borough has with a special interest group.  Has borough council been caught in a secret deal?  We will find out, but to have no plan for a $3.4 million project just goes to show how quickly we are sliding back at the hands of this group.

Truthfully, there are probably less than 12 people who are actively still trying to hold this project up despite the 5-2 council vote in favor, along with the court order stipulation that includes (not interpreted) a two lane bridge for traffic.  It's a shame that of these 12 people, a few are on borough council.  Leadership you can trust?

A Bad Reflection on Media:
It was bad enough that Councilman, Paul Robinson took the time to eloquently insult the people of Middletown, Upper Providence and the RTM school board when he was on the losing side of the Third St. Dam vote; however, to speak to Bob Linn (Linn Architects) in the way that he did Thursday night is unacceptable and embarrassing to the this town.  The condescending comments and arrogance are not appreciated.

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  1. Absolutely, I had to wait almost 40 minutes for a seat at the bar at La Porta, but I had been there on an earlier occasion as well and the food is absolutely delicious.