Thursday, October 18, 2012

Community Speaks up For Third Street Bridge and Two-way option.

Two articles  posted today on local news sites regarding support for Third Street Bridge and need for a two-way road option.


  1. The only thing "compromised" was this community's trust in their local officials.

  2. In this week's County Press and probably Town Talk as well it seems Upper Providence Council was dumbfounded at the decision Media Borough Council made regarding 3rd Street Bridge and their one way "compromise". Residents in Media and Upper Providence were and still are "dumb"founded as well. I would love to see anyone not presently on coucil but were on when the stipulation was signed to come to council meeting(s), perhaps tonight/Oct 18, and explain what "reestablish" and "thoroughfare" mean. Seems only Ms Roe and Ms Rehoric remember and understand.

  3. Michael Jordan, MediaOctober 18, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    Great, fabulous, excellent "Letter to Editor" of the Daily Times by Ms B./10-18-12. No one has said it better on this "compromise." Which Ms B. expertly expains is NO COMPROMISE.

    Ms B. completly demolishes the pro-compromise argument. And makes a laughing stock out of all who praised THE COMPROMISE tonight at Borough Council.

    1. She only said it wasn't a compromise, because it was as the FROG's reccomended. The way I read it; the FROG's reccomendation was ALREADY a compromise. Keep in mind the FROG's would prefer no roadway at all. Did that just demolish your mind?

    2. I thought the Glen Providence Park belonged to everyone in Delaware County. Who died and left the FROGS the boss?

      The county should bring a lawsuit against the FROGS, for being squatters. Some think the FROGS already have ownership rights to the park. I know they give tours and are fixing it up. And they have a website.

    3. They're intimidating many of us from visiting.