Friday, October 12, 2012

Cronyism and kick backs costing Media, PA

After 15 long years to synchronize the traffic lights in Media, PA, the $1.9 million project known as CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation Air Quality) is finally completed.  During that length of time cost overruns to the taxpayer have amounted to nearly $200,000.  Springfield had a very similar project that was completed in under three years, so why 15 years for Media?

Much like the Third St. Bridge fiasco, cronyism and conflicts of interest again get the better of Media and have been for decades. It's business as usual here.  Back in the 90’s the project was awarded by borough council to the borough engineer at the time.  The  firm the borough engineer represented wasn't even on the list of recommended companies that did this type of work.  Strangely, they were  given a NON-BID contract!  The  borough engineer in question was not only the chair of the Brookhaven Democrats, but gave thousands of dollars to the Media Democrats for campaigns.  One year funding well over 60% of their coffers.
Campaign Contributions by former Borough Engineer

During the 15 years that spanned CMAQ, Brian Hall, Paul Robinson, Monica Simpson and Mayor Bob McMahon all served multiple terms on Council.

I see that a story was posted about the completion of CMAQ in today’s, but also saw the author chose to state “a number of years” and not the actual years…..a big difference. 

Democrats, Republicans and Independents HAVE TO DO BETTER FOR MEDIA!


  1. Better than the normal posts, if you follow the money you will always find a journalism story.

  2. But ultimately, Borough council did its rip off the town!

  3. Tedman is the best damn journalist in Delaware County. Period.

    1. ...damn journalist or dam journalist!?

  4. Everybody's hometown theifdom is a microcosm of how our government and society at large is failing. Too many people have accepted incompetence, irresponsibility, and corruption within government as the status quo. The federal government runs on autopilot and no D or R is going to change it at this point. However, we can take back our local government and demand that our tax dollars are used for the greater good and not as personal piggy-banks. Wake up and get involved, stop buying into the D and R nonsense, it's destroying our country and our town.

  5. looks like there is going to a growing demand for pitchforks and torches soon here in Media. Does Deals stock them?

  6. "damn" as I used it above "the best damn journalist" is for emphasis.

    An example, "Ronnie Rogers was the best damn little full back that ever played football at St James High School." It is meant as praise./ "Anonymous",I like the pun that you mention "dam." I guess, Tedman could be the "3rd Street dam journalist" No one has written more words about the 17 year old controversy.

    "Anynonous," I wish I knew your name because I can tell you are damn smart.