Tuesday, October 2, 2012

IMPORTANT UPDATE on recent burglaries in Nether Providence (Bowling Green)

Update on (Bowling Green) Nether Providence Burglaries
Media Republicans have been in contact with Nether Providence regarding reports over the recent burglaries in the area of Bowling Green (behind Media Acme).  The email below is the latest on what's been done about the situation.

This is not only a proactive effort by Nether Providence 4th Ward Commissioner, Nate Much, but a excellent example of what should also be done here in Media.  Residents shouldn't have to potentially wait weeks after incidents like these occur, only to hear about them for the first time in the Mayor's monthly update.

Media Republicans have been in contact with Nether Providence regarding recent burglaries in the Bowling Green, Upper Providence area. Due to close proximity to Media, we wanted our community to know the latest.


Dear Neighbors,

Attached is this weeks commissioners meeting agenda. I have also attached below a communication from our Chief of Police in regards to the recent break-ins. I also wanted to update you on the break-in status and what we are doing as a TWP to stop this issue. We have had 2 attempted break-ins and 2 successful break-ins in the 4th Ward in the past month.

The 2 attempts, one was thwarted by the residents dog scaring away the assailants, the other is below in the Chief's report. The 2 successful break-ins were between 10am- 3pm both houses the main entrance door was knocked in and the assailants went to the master bedroom and stole jewelry, and other personal items. The police believe the assailants are in and out the houses in less than 5 minutes.

I met with the District attorney Jack Whelan and the county criminal investigation division last week along with our State Representative Joe Hackett. The Police will be working with the county's help to set up a plan to catch these thieves. Please be aware that there will be many officers on the streets and you might be stopped and questioned by the task force, so don't be alarmed we will be blanketing this area and other selected areas in the TWP. If you have any questions please contact me.*


Nate Much
4th Ward Commissioner

On Saturday at 2:30 PM, a resident in the 200 Block of BEATTY RD heard a noise down stairs and called 911 immediately. When police arrived they saw a White Male with dark hair run from the wooded area in the back yard. A search of the area with several police depts. and K-9 units did not locate anyone.

The house was entered by an unlocked rear door and no items are missing. Residents are asked to call 911 immediately if you see or hear any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

Chief Thomas Flannery
Nether Providence Twp PD
214 Sykes Lane
Wallingford, Pa 19086
610-892-2875 Ext 201
FAX # 610-566-6496


  1. Thanks Ted for the update. I agree that media needs to get better at alerting residents of break ins. I live on fourth street right near where several break ins have occurred this year, and I had no idea about them until months after the fact when I happened t be talking to a neighbor.

  2. Public awareness of the problem is the criminal's worst enemy. Thanks for getting the information out there, Tedman.