Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Sunday October 7th 2012....Media in Two Minutes

The fastest two minutes on the latest news going on in Media, Pa.  Thanks for all the notifications for the upcoming events!  We have a free energy workshop in November and a great food drive about to start with a lot of help from the Plumstead Inn.

Ok, let's get to it.......

Media Food and Crafts Festival and Media Family Fun(draising) events postponed!
Due to the inclement weather, both events have been postponed until next week, Oct 14th.  For more information, swing by

State Street Clean Up - Second Saturday of each Month
Next Saturday TimeBankMedia will be organizing with the Media Business Authority to clean up litter on State Street.  Come on out and give some time to make Media beautiful.  People are less likely to litter when the streets are clean, so GREAT JOB to the volunteers for getting out in front of this issue.  This effort is scheduled to be held the 2nd Saturday of each month.

CMAQ is completed...after 15 years and cost overuns.
The Congestion Mitigation Air Quality a $1.9 million project that entailed traffic light synchronization along Baltimore Avenue and Providence Road is allegedly finished.  After 15 years of mis-management and cost overruns costing taxpayers $200,000, Media residents will finally get value out of a project that took Springfield just 2 years to complete.  

The hold up?  Cronyism.  Media Borough Council was found to have given a non-bid contract to the former Media Borough Engineer's firm who contributed money to their campaigns.

Jefferson and Edgemont Condominiums
Here's this week's pictures from the site.  Things are moving quickly with a noticable pit now where dense trees and a garage were.  People have asked me about deatils, but from what I know there will be approximately 22 units.  As for prices, not sure.  If anyone has information on specifics, please comment.
Rose Tree Colts Field Dedication
Proud moment for yesterday's field dedication.  Was glad I was able to attend to see founder Chief Hampton given such a great award.

Nether Providence is doing a great job with getting information out to residents of Bowling Green and surrounding neighborhoods affected by recent burglaries.  If you want to see a great example how this is done, check out Commissioner, Nate Much's letter to residents.
I've been trying with little success to have Media Borough council offer residents a similar crime notifying process. To this end, I'll attempt the best that I can to report on safety/crime issues that Media residents need to know about in a way that Commissioner Nate Much does. I'll also include surrounding areas like Upper Providence, Nether Providence and Middleton.

Does the borough not want more than one Media 5 Miler run a year?
I haven't had time to look into this directly, but people have been contacting me about having something similar to the 5 Mile run during the holiday season.  I don't think it would be nearly as big as the one held traditionally in June, but it seems like a good idea.  From what I'm hearing there is some controversy that this proposed race may threaten the turn out of the one held in the Summer.  I think that's unfounded, but not sure why a race that sells out quickly would be worried about another one.  I'll look into it.

The 2nd Annual Plumstead Food Drive.
Great to see people actively helping out those who need it the most.  October 12th starts the Plumstead food drive.  They'll except canned good and frozen turkey's.  You can drop off items at the Plumstead Inn.  The food will benefit the Nativity B.V.M Parish.

Did you Know?
Baltimore Avenue vs. Baltimore Pike?  I'm told that descriptive name of  "Baltimore Avenue" is used in just the section of Media, where "Baltimore Pike" is used to describe the entire road everywhere else.  Apparently, not everyone knew this as I heard the Media signs had to be replaced with "Baltimore Ave" instead of "Baltimore Pike"

First United Methodist Church in Media has a food bank:
The food bank is currently serving 55-65 families per week. The food bank is open 10:30am – 11:45am on Thursdays and 6:00pm - 7:00pm the first and third Thursday evenings of the month.  Information Line...484-442-0033

Media VFW serving Friday Night Dinners!  5:30 to 8pm.  Check out their menu!

Third Street Bridge Mismanagement
I don't think there is any doubt from Borough Council that the majority of people want a two-lane roadway.  From letters to the news outlets, comments, a formal court complaint and a resolution from RTM school district, it should be crystal clear.  The problem is this borough council is now working against the people it was elected by because those on it are protecting their own interests.  

All you need to know about this situation is this: 16 years, millions of dollars held up, conflicts of interest and it'll now go back into the courts.  We have to do better!


  1. Regarding the condo development on E. Jefferson Street, are there any artist's renderings available from the architect?

  2. I think Linn Architects is the project architect for the condos on E. Jefferson, but no renderings on their site just yet:

    September 2011 Media Patch Story:

    Per the Patch story September 2011, it will be a four story development with 8 units per story. That equates to 32 units if plans remain unchanged from Sep 2011.

  3. With regards to Baltimore Pike/Avenue, the production company which brought you the Bazaar of All Nations documentary in 2010 is now in early stages of working on a documentary about the "Golden Mile" of Baltimore Pike:

    I co-produced the Bazaar film and I am co-producing the golden mile documentary as well.

  4. Nice work Brendan!

  5. RE: The Condos on Jefferson: I overheard a reatlor saying that there will be a mix of one bedroom and multi-bedroom condo units. I think the prices will range form the low 200s to the low 400s depending on the configuration and location. But of course that is just the ealry word and is subject to change.