Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Media, PA needs workers for Election Polling Places!!!

If you have a general interest in how the US election process works, or just have some extra time, please considering helping out at the polls this election.  Media over the last few years  has been experiencing a shortage of poll place workers, which has really strained those who work long hours to ensure everyone can vote.  Even volunteering for a few hours can make a big difference for everyone, especially in the Western and Northern Precincts.

With a presidential election this year, volume is expected to be heavy and constant throughout the day.  Please consider helping out!  Doesn't matter what party you are invovled with or candidate you support, there is work for everyone.  There will be training provided and some positions are paid.  For more information, please leave a comment or email: info@allthingsmediapa.com

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  1. Photo ID NOT REQUIRED!Unless voting at poll site for first time.