Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy at Media's doorstep


At about 6am the rain coming down wasn't too bad, but things have been getting progressively worse.  With regional rail lines suspended and many businesses telling employees to use best judgement on decisions related to coming into work, traffic is light, if non existant on the surronding roads.

Who are out and about, include both Penndot and Media's Highway Department.  Both were spotted cleaning out storm water grates that seem to be regularly clogged by the height of leaf season.

Ridley Creek Park (7:50am EST)

Ridley Creek Park (7:50am EST)

Sycamore Mills Road (going towards Media)

Kirk Lane (going towards Ridley Creek Rd.)
Having seen the remnants of Hurricane Floyd and Irene, I've always used Ridley Creek State Park as as a high water benchmark.  As of 7:50am EST, the creek was rising, but not as bad as I thought considering the rain from last night.

State Street  Media, PA


  1. I am a little worried about my family. I have children and was depending on my child support payment to come through this morning to hurry and get some toilet paper and other essentials. With the government offices being closed the payment didn't come in. We are stuck with no gas unless to get to Riddle and no supplies. :(

  2. Please send a list to of the essentials you need and your address. We'll have someone drop off to you today.