Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Morning 10-28-12.....Media in Two Minutes!

The big news today is the expected arrival of "Frankenstorm" also known as Sandy, an off again on again hurricane.  With adverse weather expected over the next 72 hours, we'll try to cover this storm as best we can.

Ok, here's the round up of this week's events.

Halloween Parade
Halloween Parade State St. 10-27-12
I hadn't been to the Media Halloween parade in years, but I was on State Street and wanted to stay long enough to check it out.  Wow, great job and very well attended.  The bands went around the parade route twice which made it seem longer, but well worth it.  A tremendous thanks to Bryn Mawr Trust and the other contributors who make this such a popular event.

In addition, it was also a popular night for Halloween Parties up and down State Street.  If you're still looking for a costume and want to be a stand-out in the crowd for Oct 31st, consider going as a "undecided voter."You're bound to strike up a conversation.

Media Youth Center "Thunderbird" Dinner

Media is at its best when people come to gether for a great cause.  Nothing exemplifies that like the Media Youth Center "Thunderbird" dinner.  I'm grateful to have been asked to attend and look forward to helping their fundraising cause anyway I can.  The organization takes a lot of pride in the fact that they won't turn any kid away whose family can't pay the sign-up fee.  That says something special about the character of this organization.

Video shot in Media
Video Shoot on Plum Mall
I don't know who they were, or what they were filming, but it was quite intriguing to see a video being shot on Plum mall.  A lot of people are interested to know what this scene was about, so if you have any information, please share.

What Hurricane Sandy may be good for....
If anything the drought being experienced in the area, as illustrated by the low water mark at the Springton Lake Resoviour, may be helped tremendously by the forcasted rain we are expecteding.  I haven't seen the lake this low in quite sometime.

Springton Lake 10-27-12

Volunteers are still needed for staffing the operations of the Polls.  If you'd like to be a Majority/Minority Inspector, Machine Operator or clerk, please contact  We'll get you the information and training needed for this big election.

This time of year people always ask: where do I vote?  Well here's a map of the precincts and polling places.  In just two years, we've had over 11,000 people reference this map.

View Media, PA Borough Voting Precincts in a larger map

I'm happy to report that ATM will be doing live blogging and updates throughout the day for the November 6th elections.  So if your at work or away from Media that day, swing back to check out what's going on at the polls.  

Later in the evening we will also post the unofficial results of the local elections.   I can say with a lot of confidence, we post the local election results quicker than anyone else.

Where's the leadership of Media Borough Council on Hurricane Sandy?!?!?!?!
No updates, announcement or statements on the pending storm that many are calling a very dangerous situation.  State of Emergencies announced by states and cities (Philadelphia) and Media Borough Council and Mayor Bob McMahon have said NOTHING!  

I've received calls and emails asking for information on emergency shelters and information on cancellations, and yet Media Borough has failed to put anything on their website!  It's nice that they can spend six months putting council meetings on Youtube, but not to communicate to the community or provide emergency preparations on what could be a very big storm, is unacceptable.  

For up to the minutes information, please refer to the county website site for Hurricane Sandy Preparations:  Also, please consider signing up for the email/phone/pager notifications from DELCO ALERT.


  1. Tedman, Media Borough must be reading your blog, they just made an announcement about hurricane Sandy a few minutes ago and even updated their website.

    Good work.

  2. We got several calls from the mayor over the past two days & channel 10 had information about being prepared. So tired of the negativity here.

  3. No Twitter, no Facebook, doing phonecalls with a couple of PDFs, like 30 years ago. This is not what a 21st century city does. Media and Delaware County need to modern up so people can connect & get help instantly. We can't take Channel 10 on the run. Anybody can be an instant refugee at any time, and now we have the right devices with us 24/7 so this government needs to get the lead out.

    Good work Tedman.

  4. I believe they were shooting a commercial for Keystone Credit Union. At least that's what I was told when I asked. They were there on two seperate occasions within a few days. Some filming was done in the 7 Stones kitchen as well.

  5. I got a beef here, when i went down to sign my daughter and son up for basketball i did not have the extra money so they could not play a few years back but why is it most the black sign up free and most don't even live in Media