Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Borough Planning Meeting Tonight on Future of Super Wawa in Media

Super Wawa Presentation at 7:30 tonight (11/7)
If you'd really like to see a Super Wawa in Media, or not; here's your chance to voice your opinion.  Tonight the Media Planning Commission will be reviewing and discussing the proposal of this store, as presented by Media Real Estate and Wawa corporation.  The meeting starts at 7:30 at Media Borough Hall.

Why should I go?  Well, there is an interesting deliema here.  People have overwhelmingly stating they want this project, but have concerns.  I've talked to a lot of people and heard many responses.  The hitch is that no one wants, or has yet to address the associated traffic which would come with such a business.   If that is where we are indeed at, then tonight may be a make or break event that will give light as to what will happen next.  It'll either continue on with a major focus on mitigating potential traffic challenges, or it'll be a set back, which will leave the future of the project and the property site to be anyone's guess.

It may be baffling to many as to why there haven't been discussion with Media borough and the stakeholders leading up to tonight's meeting, but I think this town knows very well the make up of this borough council an the mismanagement they are capable of.  You need only look back as recent as the Third Street Bridge fiasco.

Traffic is and will be a potential problem.  Yes, there will be studies done and eventually presented, maybe even tonight, but what is lacking is cooperation/direction from Media's elected officials.  Anybody can arbitrarily say "traffic is a concern," but for Media Borough Council to take this position while not actively doing anything to actively address it, is not leadership. Especially with a deal on the table worth 35 news jobs, $1 million in contracting work and a steady tax revenue base.  This all from a company that has deep roots in the community and started on a farm just outside of Media.

Let's see what happens tonight. Fortunately, Media borough has some excellent and very knowledgeable residents on the planning commission.  I'm confident in their abilities and judgement and am sure they will diligently make the best decisions on this project.


  1. Was at a Nativity BVM meeting at the same time as this meeting: conversation among many turned to the Super WaWa meeting, with an overwhelming support for the super wawa and wondering over what was the true concern (neighbor disruption- PLEASE disrupt neighbors at The Raven!) from moving this forward. Many voiced the current in and out traffic screwups for the Starbucks on the corner could not get any worse, and Wawa manages traffic quite well. One thing for sure - this would need to address a small part of Baker Street but there is no traffic on that stretch as it is - wasted land. Why not bring jobs, taxes, and cheap gas into the borough? Oh, wait - I know, borough council doesn't want ANY traffic on ANY of their roads - screw commerce and the economy. Is it possible yet another council member lives within 50 feet of proposed WaWa?

  2. Just make the Third St Bridge into a one-way Swiss Farms, and the Media Inn site into a Frog pond - both problems solved!

  3. Anony @ 8:15 and Highlander @ 8:31 you just made my Thursday!! Still laughing as I type this response to your comments ~
    Saw in County Press Delaware County Council is holding a public meeting next Wed (11/14) 6pm @ Glenolden Municipal Building 36 Boon Ave and county residents are invited. Would this not be a good time to speak to County officials over the dam(N)bridge issue and Super WaWa?

  4. Well, what's up? Did anything get accomplished at this meeting or are we still at square one?!?!

  5. What would happen to the small business owners in and around the Borough? Would this lead to empty store fronts just so someone can get their meatball sandwich and gas?

  6. Is this posting a Billboard for the applicant? really? HUGE billboard size wawa logo? gosh!