Friday, November 9, 2012

Breaking: Media's NOVA Bank taken over by FDIC

Media bank taken over by FDIC
The determination of what will be done with the “gateway” of Media has been in the news lately.  With a proposed Super Wawa near the intersection of Providence Rd and Baltimore Avenue, many are voicing their concerns over traffic.  It looks like this may continue to be a hot spot with what will surely be another tenant on the other side of the street sometime in the near future.

On October 26, the FDIC announced the closure of the Nova Bank corporation.  The FDIC was unable to find a financial institution to take over the bank's operations, and therefore has absorbed Nova’s assets.  For residents that used this bank and have concerns, please review the pressrelease.

From what I can tell, this bank never generated a high volume of traffic to the area.  At times, it was hard to tell if it was even open.  Perhaps an ideal business for this area, as related to traffic, but what’s next?  Before it was a bank, the property was a fast food restaurant.

The building that sits on the property now was specifically built to be a bank.  It’ll be interesting to see if it’ll be used again as a financial institution, or made into something else.  Either way, what’s put their will also represent the gateway of Media and will most likely generate more traffic than what was there prior.  

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