Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Media in Two Minutes - November 11, 2012

Both the weather and I are a big foggy this morning, but fear not, here's this week's Media in Two Minutes!  Thanks to readers who have really taken a liking to this Sunday post.

Ok, Let's GO!

Bazaar of All Nations Documentary Premiere's TONIGHT
Yes, you can buy the DVD.  Yes, you can view clips on You Tube, but tonight is the premiere release of the documentary showcasing the Bazaar of All Nations!  Check it out, it will show at 5pm EST on Channel 12 WHYY.
Paving on Providence Road
The road paving on Providence Road continues.  Half the road is completed, with the other side expected to be done in the next few days.  They've been working on Sunday evenings, so don't be surprised if they resume work tonight.  So far, so good.  The work completed makes a noticeable difference.

Media welcomes Viso's
Line out the door at Viso's
Yesterday they had the grand opening for Viso's Authentic Italian Desserts located on Jackson Street.  With a healthy crowd and lines all day long, this is place getting off to a great start.  The only thing that sells better than "hot cakes," was no doubt Viso's $1 cannoli's.

Colonial Plantation has 6th Annual Fundraiser
I haven't spent much time at the Ridley Creek Colonial Plantation, but I was invited to their 6th annual fundraiser on Friday.  This is a great group with a lot of history behind it. Interesting to know that they have a farmer to look after the land and livestock. There are many workshops hosted by this group that teach anything from how to make bread, to soap making.  

Take down your signs!
The plantation is a great resource for the area and just a few minute ride from Media.  Check them out on Facebook.

Political Yard Signs
I don't expect to see every political yard sign taken down overnight, but there seems to be some progress made over the weekend.  There will be some who will leave their signs up for whatever reason, but they really ALL should come down along public areas. 

And please, it you're taking the time to take down your signs and your opponents are next to them, take them too.  Thanks

Thanks to those who worked the Polls on Election Day
It can't be said enough, so I'll say it again: Thank you to all who worked the polls which allowed everyone to vote!

Media's 53rd Veteran's Day Parade will be held November 12th 2012 at 11:11am
Everyone loves a parade and this one on Monday may be Media's biggest!  Stop by and thank the troops for their service to our country. 

Nova Bank closed, leaving another ? for the Baltimore Ave and Providence Rd.
While everyone had been focused on the proposed Super Wawa and subsequent traffic it will present, just across the street Nova Bank quietly closed on October 26th. You may remember this place as the former Media Burger King before becoming Nova Bank.  It's hard to tell what will happen to this building, as the FDIC took over the bank assets after a suitable financial institution could not be found to run the operations.

In a perfect world, it would make sense for the current Starbucks to occupy this property. Off loading their traffic to the other side of Baltimore Ave would only help the intersection and current parking problem.
Sketch of proposed Springfield Hotel

Is a future Media Hampton Inn still relevant?
If the sketches of the proposed Springfield Hotel are any indication of what they are building, then the future Media Hampton Inn may have just become outdated.   It has been six years and the market is quickly changing. Just this weekend, having learned of Springfield plans, I decided to walk from where the Hampton Inn will be built to down town Media.  It's a hassle crossing streets and waiting for lights to change while easily being a 10-15 minute trek.

Springfield is obviously going for a different experience than what Media is proposing.  Having a downtown is a great advantage and walking to it is a nice ideal, but to me it's too far of a walk. Especially at night and with adverse weather.  People who stay at in the Media Hampton Inn will be driving to State Street. 

49th Annual Delco Old Timers Banquet a HUGE SUCCESS
Marjorie Ann Moat (for field hockey), and at right is Jane Short-Smith (for basketball)
I'll do a special post on this next week, but wanted to thank the organizers for a great event last Wednesday that recognized the athletic achievements of those from the community.

Here are two recipients of this year's award.


  1. Ted, if a Super Wawa is in fact going to be on the old Media Inn site, I think your idea of moving Starbucks to the Nova site is a good one. Then the current Starbucks strip could be part of the Super Wawa complex or be occupied by other, lower traffic stores.

  2. That's actually a pretty good idea. However, the local govt especially in this town, don't seem to known what they are doing. The bridge ordeal was a mess.

    1. @ anon 11/12 9:41 "was a mess" WRONG WRONG WRONG STILL a MESS! Backing up "don't seem to know what they are doing" RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT and further backing up "That's a actually a pretty good idea" RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT BUT because it is just that (good idea) it will be sure to never happen. If it (anything) makes sense to the rest of us it makes NO SENSE to Borough Council.