Monday, November 12, 2012

Media/Elwyn rail commuters, meet Septa's Baldwin

Septa Train Schedules in REAL TIME

If you ride the Media/Elwyn line into the city, you’ll know two things.  1) Parking after 7:30am at the Media station can be non-existent  2) There isn’t any way to track Septa train schedules in real time.  For the former, if you ride a scooter/bike to the station, there is plenty of parking at any time of the day.  Now, riding in the cold or sometimes rain is not ideal, especially in a suit, but I’ve never not had parking.  As for the second item, well, I’m happy to report that Septa got with the times and recently released a website that is designed for smartphones.  In fact, it is excellent at providing train schedules and realtime updates on late arrivals/departures.  There are some minor improvements needed, but I like it a lot and is definetly worth a try.

Real time tracking on your smartphone.
The site/service goes by the name of Baldwin.  For those not familiar with the area’s history, Baldwin Locomotive was the gold standard in steam powered trains andhad a huge factory by the Delaware River in Delaware County.  The name is cool, and so is the service.  You can visit the site at  Access it with a smartphone and bookmark (it provides a nice icon on Iphones) to your home screen.  It will also save your setting too, so make sure you add your route before saving.

And don’t forget, Septa also provides a handy twitter feed for the Media/Elwyn Line, as well as the Media 101 Trolley Line.  I’ve found it useful on many occasions, especially during the snow season.


  1. Tedman, thanks for your enthusiasm towards the community. I love this site! I never knew about Baldwin until now. Thanks!

  2. Septa didn't release Baldwin, it was built by community members on top of Septa's open data feeds