Monday, November 5, 2012

Tom Killion and Dominic Pileggi get the job done for Media, PA

Secured $650,000 for the Third St. Bridge Project
When Media was short on funding for the Third Street Bridge that totaled hundred of thousands of dollars, it was State Senator, Dominic Pileggi who stepped in and and got us a grant to cover the remaining costs. With municipalities and states cutting back drastically, it was unprecedented to have this grant money secured. 

 A BIG THANKS to Senator Pileggi for stepping up and getting the job done for Media Borough!

Tom Killion not only secured grants for Media that allowed for the borough and courthouse to purchase solar powered recycling receptacles, but also was there in a time a need earlier this year.  Unfortunately, the outcome of Media's 100 year Nativity School was not favorable; but it was Tom Killion who took the time to understand the situation and made it a priority to get involved and attend meetings.

Supported Nativity and contributed $20,000 for recycling project
Unfortunately, after 100 years of Nativity School being in this community, not one person on Media Borough Council had the courage to formally speak up for this school at any of the borough meetings.


  1. Too bad Media Borough council isn't getting voted out this round, but I'll wait.

  2. Don't hold your breathe