Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Burglaries reported in Middletown Township on November 29, 2012

The more awareness brought to burglaries in the area, the better.  Media Patch is reporting $20k of jewelry was stolen from a house on Indian Lane.  This is an area just on the outskirts of Media off of Media Station Rd.  In addition, another burglary occurred on the same day (11/29) on Judith Lane over by High Meadows.

These communities in Middletown Township don’t have a local police force, but rely on the State Police.  The drawback being the large area the State Police need to cover can hinder focused patrols in specific areas.  


  1. A burglary happened on 11/24 in Rose Valley (close to Middletown) as well. Sounds like it might be the same person, or a group of individuals. Keep our neighborhoods safe and report any suspicious activity to catch these robbers.

  2. 2 happened in Upper Providence last week also. A man knocked on the door of 2 elderly people and tried to solicit business, stating he could do yardwork and housework for them. He originally tried to get them into the basement but did not succeed. He got the woman outside eventually, and in the 5 minutes they were out there, someone else ran in and took money and jewelry. Definitely need to be aware and look out for any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. Definitely pay attention to solicitors in the neighborhood, and feel free to ask them if they have a permit.

  3. High Meadows, not Hidden Meadows

  4. Thanks for pointing that out. It's been changed.

    1. Nether Providence has its own police force and they have had tons of daytime robberies. The State Police does a fantastic job. My son would read your article and his comment about the last paragraph would be, "That's an opinion, not a fact."

      Bottom line is: If you see someone or something suspicious, call the police. The State Police come right away.

  5. Please be aware that most residential burglaries occur during the day. A ploy most often used by a burglar isis for them to knock on the door of a residence to see if anyone is home. If someone answers the door they make up an excuse for being there such as solicitation or being at the wrong house. Make sure your residence is secure. Lock all doors & windows specifically the ones on the first floor. Call the police immediately if you see anyone or anything suspicious. Keep in mind that burglaries can occur in any neighborhood. Robberies, burglaries, & thefts increase around this time of year because people are carrying more cash on them & have a lot of expensive items(gifts) on them, in their vehicles, or in their homes. We must be vigilant. If it doesn't look right then it probably isn't!!!