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It's Media in Two Minutes - 12/9/12

It's this week's Media in Two Minutes, which actually might push 3 minutes today, but bear with meFirst off, you may have noticed what seems like advertising up in the left hand corner of this blog.  Well, it is, but it's done at no cost and for groups I'd like to help out.  With a lot of people who swing by this site, it's the least I can do to give back to those who work hard to make this town what it is.

Secondly, people get fired up when there "comments" aren't posted in a timely manner.  I know that and will try to improve the process. Remember, "comments" with obscenities will not be posted.  Attacks against me? Yeah, that's still okay and I'm sure pleasurable for a few.

Ok, let's go!

WE HAVE A WINNER - Payphones still pay......
Wow, did people come out the the electronic wood work to give perspective on last's week's "where's the payphone" contest.  There were a lot of good entries and more places than I realized that still had payphones.  So the winner who won, won on a technicality as he only got one of the two payphones I had in mine.  His guess of the Media Mini Mall was correct, the second location that no one came up with was B.Gross dry cleaners.  I'm actually fond of this phone as when I pickup my dry cleaning I always ask someone there standing if I can borrow a dime to make a call.  (Yeah, I know the joke's old)

Anyway, Congrats to Tom E. who gets a $25 gift certificate to Fast and Fancy

Parking at the Olive St. garage is on Media for the Month of December!

Media will provide free parking at the Olive Street garage.  Merry Christmas

Media has a EV charging station, it just needs a spark(market)
A lot of people seemed to have like the story this week on Media's EV charging station.  It's a great idea, but no one seems to use it.  Over the winter I'm going to see if I can get a few EV scooters to demo them here in Media.  They aren't easy to come by, but hopefully by spring we can take one for a spin.

If anyone has actually used the charging station, I'd like to hear you experience.  Thanks!

CITIBANK closes branch in Media:

closing March 2013
This was about a $1.5 million property that will now be closed in March.  Customers at that time will asked to go the next nearest branch which is located on 18th and Market in center city.  

A few weeks ago Nova bank on the corner of Providence and Balitmore Ave. closed.  Fear not, Media still has what seems like and endless supply of banks in town. Need a recommendation? Bryn Mawr Trust (Former - First Keystone) is a great bank, but they really need to improve their online services.

Notify Delco - Sign-up!
This week Delaware County's alert system was used to find a missing person.  Thankfully, the girl was found, but if you haven't, please consider signing up for DELCO ALERT.  The system was extremely helpful during Superstorm Sandy in October.  

Media Borough's $20,000 for 5 minutes of Video...........Where is it?
It seems no one can give me a straight answer on when the infamous "video" will be shown; however,  chances are it'll happen sometime early in the new year.  As for seeing it on TV, best of luck.  I'm not sure it'll even be shown in the Philadelphia market.  I still can't even find anyone who has seen "Today in America," the show it's supposed to be shown on.

As I've pointed out, this whole production, which will end up be nothing more than a Youtube video, could have been done for a lot less by companies who are local to the community, not telemarketers from Florida.   The money saved could have gone to fix real issues in Media.

Third St. Bridge and Super Wawa
?????????????? More information on this next week

Media - Upper Providence Library $2.5 million expansion
With Upper Providence announcing they will not be contributing additional funds for the library expansion, it'll be interesting to see how this difference will be made up.  Interestingly enough, there is a building for sale/lease two blocks away.  I wasn't able to get the price as of this writing, but with some modifications, could this be a cheaper option?

This building is located on the corner of N. Jackson and W. Third St.

Three Son's Hot Dogs opens 12/15/12
Media eagerly anticipates openings of new eateries.  Next of for the town is My Three Sons Hot Dogs and Beer Emporium.  For all the details, check out the owner's post on what to expect.

New Years Eve 2012 BALL DROP is ON and will be at State and Jackson Streets
With the recent changes in venue for Santa's visit a few weeks ago, people had questions regarding the status of Media's New Years Ball Drop.  Well, no worries.  NYE will take place where it always had at State and Jackson Streets.

Give the gift of Media!
Looking for Media-esque gifts?  Media Theatre tickets are very popular and so it Everybody's Home Town Apparel.  Oh, and don't forget Bevan's Candy made in Media, PA and now on Facebook

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  1. Don't blame UP for not donating more money to the library expansion, look what we are trying to do with the bridge project. Making it 1-Way In. Especially after they passed a resolutiong to make it 2-Way.