Sunday, December 30, 2012

Media in Two Minutes 12-30-12 - Happy New Year!

As we close out the year, 2012 will mean different things to different people.  We saw new businesses and restaurants come to Media, while others left.  It was a big year for schools:  Nativity BVM closed  after 100 years in the community, while Media Elementary moved across the street to take up a temporary residence.  We had a visit from Super Storm Sandy in October with the effects still being felt by some.  Media Little league showed us what hard work and dedication is by going on to be the Pennsylvania State Champions.   Third Street bridge moves into it's 17th year with still no start date and very little direction, while Media enters year seven wondering if the Hampton Inn will ever be built.

On to this week's Media in Two Minutes........Let's GO!

Media, PA New Year's Eve 2013 - Ball Drop
Santa may have moved to the courthouse steps, but the NYE Ball Drop will be where its always been - 1 West State Street in front of Spasso's.  Entertainment will start around 11pm and music will be provided by Philly Gumbo.  They've done this gig many times and do a great job.  Also, Media's own Matt Heavens will be the Emcee.

One thing that really becomes popular on this night is taxi cab service.  Here's a list of providers I have put together.

Big news for 2013?
We will no doubt see some interesting moves in the new year.  One very well may be a new coffee shop on State Street.  Perhaps even bigger will be interesting developments with Media's Trader Joe's.

What do I do with my Christmas Tree?
If you live in Media Borough, you can leave you tree curbside and the Highway Department will pick it up.  They don't really make a formal announcement about this, but traditionally it's been done on trash days.

Where's the Hampton Inn?
If you're a regular reader of the Wall Street Journal, you may have seen a recent article they had that closely parallels the challenges small communities face with hotels.  In fact, they mentioned Hampton Inn by name and some of the issues developers are now facing that they didn't have six years ago.  I'll have a story about this in the next week, but developers are finding that lenders are committing to a lot less of the overall financing of these projects.  One developer was quoted as saying it would be crazy for anyone to do one of these projects with out municipal help.  Interesting.

Third Street Bridge - Update
From what I understand, this will go back in front of the judge sometime in mid-January.  Since the time of the 30 day ruling, Media Borough council has had NO meaningful conversations with the stakeholders to work out a solution.  I do know there was one option on the table from a stakeholder, but nothing came of it.  

Again, where is the leadership?  Council President Brian Hall, Kent Davidson and Paul Robinson would like everyone to believe at their meetings that things are progressing, when in fact, nothing is getting done.  Apparently, they haven't even been in contact with PennDot who wasn't aware this was back in the courts. 

Lastly, when this group says it's now too expense for a two-way roadway, I'd like to remind Hall and Robinson that they served prior terms on Council as VP's back when the bridge could have been fixed for $1.5 million.  It'll now cost at least $3.4 million with costs going up each year.

$7,000 for Electronic Billboard Advertising
Someone brought to my attention that they think it's a waste to advertise Media on an electronic billboard down by the airport.  Apparently, it is facing northbound travelers (away from Media) and is flashed so quickly that the message loses impact.  I'll take a look and see what can be found out.

All the best in 2013!



  1. AllthingsMedia is my first source for "Breaking News" in the morning. Don't always agree with Tedman's editorial positions. But, boy, he makes us all think. And he doesn't block out opposing comments.

    Congrats--and keep doing what your doing in 2013.

    1. Michael I couldn't agree with you more on the above comment about Tedman's All Things Media ~ of course as you know my mantra aka source of high blood pressure during 2012 has been the dam(n)/bridge.
      Ditto on the Congrats and keep up the good work for 2013!
      Just for the heck of it I checked out Kent Davidson's blog and no surprise here ~ still nothing on his site about the bridge! Nothing about the WaWa app pulled, Nothing about the ball drop, Nothing about the hotel Pretty much nothing at all reading about on his blog and his hometown!

    2. He has a blog? I don't want to be insulting. Does anyone ever go there.

    3. I agree Michael the best thing is that Tedman doesn't block opposing opinions. Kent's blog blows. There is so little traffic why does he even bother to maintain it? It is also heavily censored. Too bad because if his blog was better we would all benefit.

  2. Man, that was a tease. lol What's up with Trader Joe's and a potential new coffee shop on State Street? Anybody out there have any insight into this? Also, what's the deal with the development on Baltimore Avenue between Dunkin Donuts and the Sunoco? And for that matter, what about the corner on State Street diagonally across from the tennis courts? A house or two was torn down and then nothing happened.

    1. who phillyboy? Can't we get some real names for 2013.

    2. Anonymous-pot, meet kettle.

  3. I am still stumped by the "more than 28 foot width of dam is cost prohibitive" from council Prez Hall in recent meetings when questioned about the vote on the measurement of Third St: an an additional 2 feet of concrete and blacktop vs. Landscape architect, cobblestones, bike path for all those of us who maintain such a 'Lance Armstrong-like' training schedule by running, biking and let's not forget the plethora of baby stroller pushing moms who tackle that Third St hill every day.
    2013 will come and the clown parade will continue at 3rd and Jackson. Sigh.