Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Media's TOP STORIES of 2012

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From what I’m learning 2013 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for Media, Pa, but then again, what year hasn’t?  In 2012 we certainly had some surprises both good and bad, but let’s see what readers have to say.  Below are the stories that got the most views and comments and no doubt were on many peoples minds.  Some of these stories will carry over in 2013 and beyond, while others were here to make their mark in 2012.

Top Stories:

Closing of Natvity BVM – January:
This story started the year off with quite a bang.  Initially spared by the Diocese’s blue ribbon commission, Nativity went on to lose a contested appeal to St. John’s of Wallingford.  The decision ultimately decided the fate of Media’s oldest school, which had been part of the community for 100 years. 

Temporary Closure of Media Elementary – March:
Timinig is everything and as one door closes another opens, or vice versa as in the case of Media Elementary.  In March 2012 families received an unexpected call from the faculty that the school would need to be closed for immediate repairs.  It caught a lot of people of guard with the biggest question being where would the students relocate to.  Many options including Barrall Field, adjacent schools or even the old Roosevelt Elementary made up the short list.  However, with the news of Nativity’s closure just weeks before, the decision was made to temporarily locate to Nativity's buildling.  As big as this story was, it essentially became a “non” story with much of that having to do with the good planning, management and implementation of by RTM School Board.

New Restaurants – Spasso, Diego’s, La Porta, Dessert Rose – April/May
After being vacated for years and under Media Borough Management, Spasso came to Media, bought 1 West State Street and became a cornerstone of the town's dining experience.  In addition, Tequila and Mexican Food also made a big impact with the opening of Diego’s.  And of course following up, was Media’s first Mediterranean cuisine brought to us by Desert Rose.  

However, one of the biggest surprises of all was the close of the world famous Locust Crest Tavern, which gave way to La Porta in Edgmont.  The rest is history, but the future looks great for what is turning out to be a very popular La Porta restaurant.

Third Street Bridge – April:
Despite the repeated mismanagement by Media Borough Council, favoritism, wasted time and money; there’s only one statement that can be said:  Come 2013 we will be no closer to having the bridge completed then we were 17 years ago!  Back then this was a $1.5 million project, 2012 is was around $3.4.  2013 is anyone’s guess as to how much taxpayer money will be wasted and safety jeopardized in re mediating one of Pennsylvania's most dangerous dams.

 In 2011, bi-partisan cooperation resolved the legal conflict and found funding to fully PAY FOR the repair work, yet it’s almost 2013 and not one brick has been laid.

Media’s Hampton Inn – May:
Not so much a story, but lack of one.  6 years since a decision was made to put a Hampton Inn in Media, and no sign of progress, at least not in Media.  Springfield on the other hand has already broken ground on what is proving to be an interesting hotel of their own.  We will see what happens in 2013.

Super Wawa - June:
Near the middle of 2012 we learned of a proposal to bring a Super Wawa to the vacant lot at Providence and Baltimore Ave.  Come 2013, we will STILL be learning of the proposal to bring this store to town.  Despite what may be considered as favorable opinion for this project; there’s no telling how long this will take and even if it’ll be approved.

$20,000 Five minute video – June:
Council President, Brian Hall and Mayor, Bob McMahon weren’t paying attention to what was found to be a very controversial decision to pay $20,000 to a well known, notorious  telemarketer.  Not only was this company investigated and fined for improper conducted by Florida authorities, it was allowed to proceed after the fact by Borough Council.
The money of which was given for this project never went out to bid, nor were any local companies considered for the work.  After repeated attempts for answers by taxpayers and residents, Mayor McMahon claimed to me he was too busy to address the matter.

The "video" is expected to be shown in 2013 but it's not clear which market it will be broadcasted in.  

Media Little League 2012 State Champs – July:
Congrats to Media Little League for a great season.

Media Upper Providence Library Expansion – August:
At a proposed cost of $2.5 million, this expansion could not only change how people use the library, but the landscape too.  With a new buildings in the process of being funded, this could turn out to be a big undertaking in 2013. 

Super Storm Sandy – October:
A few hours prior to the arrival of Super Storm Sandy, many people, including me were expecting the worst. When information couldn’t be found through TV and Radio, people quickly turned to social media. In those 72 hours, thousands visited this site.   Luckily we were spared the brunt of it, but unfortunately those to the northeast are still feeling the effects this very day.


  1. 1. Build the WaWa
    2. Open the Bridge
    3. No Expansion for the Library, it is big enough now, people do not read books anymore, waste of money, been in the library many times, no one there.
    4.Fix the school, my father worked there a few years back, told them then the roof was bad, no one listened.

  2. All of the above, of course predicated on firing Media’s council

  3. 1. Don't build wawa
    2. Close down bridge forever
    3. Expand the library -knowledge is pwoer-
    4. Why were kids in there in the first place if it was so bad?

    1. Hey, Prez Hall - get off this blog!

  4. Its going to be exciting to see Media's 5-minute video competing overnight with Magic Bullet Informercials and the best skinflicks Showtime has to offer.

  5. I disagree regarding the library. I am a reader and go there often...always find people there. Compared to most libraries around the country..I would say Media's library is an embarrassment.. certainly needs updating/expanding.

    1. Agreed, upgrading may be needed, but not at $2,500,000. It's also a bit disingenuous that this group pressures Upper Providence for the money when they said no. NO!

      That's like me taking out an ad bashing my boss because he didn't give me a raise. Do you really think that works? Looks like an old trick out of the Media council's playbook. Wonderful.

    2. Right on, Gabe! Media said NO to UP first when they arrogantly voted an entire thruway encompassing BOTH municipalities (3rd Street)as a one-way! There's got to be some kind of law that says one boro can't make a one way in the middle of a street!!?!??

  6. Where would we get all the up to date info on Media without Tedman's blog? And all the talking points. The readership is wide, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Everybody can have their say.

    As the poet John Milton said--and Tedman's blog manifests--" Let truth wrestle with falsehood."

  7. Sad to be reminded of the Nativity school closing. Too bad, after 100 years of service to the community, the "pastor" didn't want to keep the school open. With the current leadership at the NBVM rectory, the parish will be closing next.

    1. Hey now - don't be dissing on Fr. Bell - he was told by Bishop McIntyre and Chaput that the decision was final. Nativity didn't even stand a chance to refute the appeal by St. John's. Even the catholics are political. Sigh.

  8. Media is turning into one big commune: anti-development, anti-roads, anti-hygiene, radical environmental concerns, and elite rulers with a socialist fringe.

    Tedman, how’s that for top story of the year? In ten years, you won’t recognize the place.

    1. Funny how most people in the commune live in 400k or 500k plus houses. Otherwise you are right on point with the characterization of Media. In ten years Media will be like every other wanna be urban oasis bars and nothing else a side show where people visit spend some money litter and leave.