Sunday, January 27, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - 1/27/2013

The Cold Weather
With the very cold weather last week came a little snow.  Maybe two inches, but enough to make driving a little tricky on Friday evening.  This time, a broom was more handy than a shovel at removing the powdery accumulation.

I remember seeing a Media Borough ordinance somewhere at sometime that stated homeowners and businesses are required to have their walkways cleared within 24hrs after the snow stops.  I've never seen that enforced, but probably a good rule of thumb in case anyone was wondering.

Media Girls Softball

Over the weeks I've been posting registration and meeting notices for Media Rugby and Little League, but we also have Media Girls Softball.  Their season is starting soon.  Registration and important updates can be found out their website: 

Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Acme 
A few weeks back I wrote an article on the recent sale of Acme corporation.  I also noted some of the challenges Media's Trader Joe's is facing also.  It appears the area grocery store landscape had some more interesting news this week.

Wegmans in Concord?
In the it was reported that Concord Township is looking at the idea of a Wegmans out by Rt. 202 and Baltimore Pike.  As much as people like Wegmans, and with a WholeFoods in close proximity, that could be a game changer in terms of a grocery shopping destination.  If that goes through, which I think it will, that will put a Costco, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Target and possibly Wegmans all  within a few miles of one another.

As for Trader Joe's, I've heard from two different sources that they were checking out a location at Dutton Mill Road and Pennell.  Not sure if that was for a new location, or an additional location, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere at the moment.

Third Street Bridge - Update
Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Borough Council have talked a good game, but they've done nothing outside of public borough meetings that would indidcate they are even serious about a one-way roadway.  They've not spoken to stakeholders or even leveled with the public about potential deals to remediate this issue. One of Pennsylvania's most dangerous dams, and their only reply, "No comment." 

I believe come February 15th when it goes back to the judge, we'll see some movement on this matter.  Proceeding with a two-way roadway, could begin the project immediately.  This is supported by residents, Delaware County, Middletown Township, Upper Providence and ALL of the emergency services.


  1. A Wegmans out by 202 will siphon away a little bit of the local grocery dollar, but it is probably far enough away to keep it from having a major impact. Trader Joes are generally spread apart far, so that is a little concerning that they are looking at Aston. Regardless, the Media Acme is on shaky ground.

  2. Re Third Street Bridge - Tedman, et al We can only HOPE - with regards to the second paragraph first and second sentences! and that this dam(n) thing is an issue no more!

  3. Cindy, I hope you are right. (Sorry I missed meeting at your home. I was in Delaware yesterday.)