Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Media in Two Minutes!

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 It's Media in Two Minutes and Super Bowl weekend to boot.......Let's GO NINERS!

Sandwich Boards on State Street
You can't miss the sandwich boards on State Street and maybe that's the whole complaint.  I spoke to one business yesterday who'd like to know what's the deal with these boards.  Can you have more than one?  Can you place them where ever you want?  How about Baltimore Pike?  All good questions that I don't have a good answer for.   I know they are necessary business advertisements, but are they getting out of hand?  I'll keep an eye on it.

Media Motors site For Sale.
Baltimore Ave.
Ok, as we know Media Motors vacated their Baltimore Avenue location (next to the Wawa) a few weeks ago.  What I just learned is that the site is for sale and going for something around $900,000.  Haven't confirmed that, but interesting never the less.  As for Wawa purchasing the lot and expanding their adjacent site to build a Super Wawa?  Nope, no plans for that.

Double Decker Pizza........COMING SOON
This has been news for awhile, though it looks like Media's next pizza place will be delayed a few weeks until they get the renovations completed.  Perhaps will see news of the opening in March.

BP Station has Closed.
BP Station (State & Prov Rd.)
This happened rather suddenly, but the BP Station that was purchased by Media Real Estate in anticipation of a Super Wawa, has closed.   Of the four gas station in the borough, I liked this one the best.  Easy and easy out and on the way to the Blue Route. They had a interesting fast food Italian take-out service, but never found a lot of value in it mostly because everything was frozen.

A Great Hoagie.  Maybe the best around.
I knew the original Tiny T when you could get a hoagie for a dollar.  You had to stand out the door, which was propped open with a can of tuna fish and get your rolls out of a  bin.  Tiny T didn't have time for nonsense and would let you know it with his famous sign hanging behind him: "Act Like You Know."  If you didn't get is right like the sign said, you'd hear it.  

No one knows why the place was never shut down by the health department, but Tiny T delivered a good sandwich at a great price.   After years, maybe a decade I went back to the New Tiny, which has since been under new ownership, to try it out after hearing some great comments.   WOW, good stuff, check it out.

Heartbreak Hotel - Mayor and Media Boro Council Clueless
Springfield Hotel
Springfield continues to makes notable progress on their hotel which will be adjacent to the Springfield CC.  The walls are coming up and foundations set.  Here in Media, the situation is much different and the outlook worse for the borough's hotel.  I've talked and met with a few people about this recently, which I assure you is a lot more than Media Borough Council has done.  This is a private endeavor, but with jobs, tax revenue and needed economic benefits to local businesses, Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Borough Council are no where to be found.  

When we have a mayor and people on council that are more concerned with 5 minute infomercials, driving around looking at awning caricatures, providing undisclosed websites for personal agendas  and insulting other communities; then don't be surprised that bridges aren't fixed, schools aren't spoken up for (Nativity), a library unfunded, businesses leave (Wawa), vacant lots sit for years and tax revenues dry up.


  1. Again, Media Boro has nothing to do with the hotel fiasco. It is 100% Hampton Inn's fault, for they hold all the authority to move full steam ahead. What is the Boro supposed to do, schmooze them, hold their hands and skip down the street together? Hampton Inn isn't all that, anyway. They're basically one notch above Motel 6.

    1. "schmooze them, hold their hands and skip down the street together"

      Why not that is EXACTLY what Media Boro Council did with the Friend of Glenn Providence Park. So basically Boro Council is discriminating against the hotel by not giving them the same treatment the FROGS got and are getting.

    2. LOL Anon 1023! Way to hit the nail on the head! ROFL!

    3. Seriously, if we have to come to a blog to find out what's going on with a hotel, that our local officials should be addressing routinely, then what the Hell are these people doing on council? They should be embarrassed if they even care.

    4. "ribbit, ribbit."

    5. Sad. Media's mascot used to be the Mustang. How far have we fallen. Now we have the Frog. "Ribbit, Ribbit."

  2. Best Western has a fabulous hotel behind the Concordville Inn. Stayed there recently and noticed how gorgeous the place was from the lobby to the rooms - everywhere it was clean, modern and really luxurious! Their buffet breakfast was sumptuous with a chef making custom omlets for the guests. One of these hotels would make a great addition to the Media landscape!

    1. Best Western, Concordville has plenty of parking, too. They would never come to Media.

  3. What stupid replies!

    1. What stupid replies! is a stupid reply.