Sunday, February 10, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes - This week's rundown of what's going on in town.

Blood Drive Today at Media Community Center
From 9am to 3pm, there will be a Blood Drive held at the Media Community Center.  This has become a very successful annual event, so come on out and help those in need.  

La Porta Restaurant - Excellent Food if you can get in!
Great food comes at a price.  Not so much from a monetary standpoint, but in the form of patience and time.  If you're looking to swing by La Porta's on a Saturday evening, be prepared to wait a good 40 minutes for a table.  They only take reservations for large parties, so you may have to hang out at the bar if you can squeeze in.  Standing room only after 6:30pm

There's a reason for this and it has to do with excellent food, well selected wine and an overall nice atmosphere.  It's a little loud in the bar area, so conversation can be tough, but that's not what people go there for.  Parking can also be a challenge, but with a valet service, this more than makes up for it.

Third Street Bridge Petition circulates for Two-way road
Closed due to Lack of Leadership, not Financing
Despite what Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Borough Council would have you believe regarding a one-way roadway, there is a very big movement underway that has many petitions criss-crossing town in support of a two-way bridge.  I was at two locations on State Street Friday night where people where either signing the petition in support or voicing displeasure on why nothing has been done.  One place even had a line of people waiting to sign up and find out what's going on.   I assure you, people are fed up with the lack of action and direction from Mayor McMahon and borough council!

What's different with this petition is that it is a grass-roots effort by people in the community who want a two way bridge completed.  No committee, no tricks, and no one shamelessly speaking on behalf of a community park in an attempt to inflate their personal agendas in the name of environmental sensitivity.

Tattoo Parlors in Media, Pa
I don't have one, nor do I plan on getting one, but for those who like Tattoo's: Media has them.  There is Baker Street Tattoo below the Plumstead Inn, Tiny Tim's on Baltimore Avenue and Olde Media Tattoo on Providence Rd in Upper Providence. 

Media's Comprehensive Plan.
If Media is serious about the direction this town is going in the next ten years, It has to assemble a group with sound managerial, executive and community/economic development experience.  These people are out there, but just aren't interested in being on committees that swirl around and go no where. 

A lot of people feel that Media Borough committees are too long, poorly managed and lacking in measurable results.  As harsh as that is, it won't get fixed until it gets addressed.  Meetings that should only take 60 to 90 minutes top, often drag on for hours with no real decision making, direction or follow-up.

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  1. Let's get Pete Alyanakian back, Steamroller every vote, meetings in-and-out, 1-2-3, County style. Leadership that works!!