Saturday, February 16, 2013

Third Street Bridge Update - Prepared Briefs Submitted

Repair Costs and Legal Fees continue to rise
A lot of people have been asking me what happened with yesterday's submission of prepared briefs to Judge Proud regarding Third Street Bridge.  As it stands, briefs were submitted by all three parties (Media Boro, BLCC, Delaware County) though nothing formally has been announced and most likely won't be until another few weeks.

I do know that at least four former council members who originally voted on the agreement that settled the lawsuits, signed and submitted affidavits stating their intent was unquestionably for a two-way thoroughfare.  During that time, Peter Williamson, Pete Alyanankian, Jim Cunningham, Monika Rehoric, Dawn Roe, Eric Stein and Monica Simpson all voted in favor of the settlement.

What is still unclear is the amount Media Borough has had to pay for this additional legal fees used to overturn a prior council's decision.


  1. Amazing - love this site and the internet - we are 485 miles out of Media and still know what's happenin'!

  2. Now I know how people felt during the McCarthy hearings, waiting on pins and needles for a decision to be rendered. Judge P you know what's in the best interest of the most people
    Needs to be 2 lane for our children's safety!