Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Media in Two Minutes

Happy Birthday Media Trolley!
Media Trolley Turns 100 Years Old!
You don't look a day over 100! That's right, the Media Trolley will have its 100th year anniversary coming up this year.  I was contacted this week and informed Septa is looking to hold a celebration for this historical mode of transportation.  Media is the last town in America that has a trolley running down its main street.  What better place to hold this event than Media when it comes to knowing how important the trolley service has been to our community.  

Here's something to think about.  What if the Media Trolley was free, forever if you boarded at the Providence Road Station?  I'll share more about that later.

Indian Lane Teacher: Mr. Woods
I had Mr. Woods in 5th grade and to say he left a lasting impression, is an understatement.  It's great to see he's still teaching and getting recognition for his efforts.  He started out at Roosevelt Elementary School, as did I as a student.  An excellent school and education is direct reflection of the teachers.  I'm lucky to say I had both.

Picasso's - A good place to see a show.
At one time there was live music every weekend in Media.  Now, it's not so easy to come by as most restaurants seem to shy away from this kind of entertainment, especially in the colder months.  Picasso's on the the other hand, has a really nice stage and accommodating atmosphere to see a band.  There's a stage, good sound, seating and adequate room for dancing, as was the case on Friday evening when local favorites the Broozer's played last Friday.  Nice setup!

Media Lions - 4,000 Easter Eggs is no small feat.
Media Lions Easter Egg Hunt
 When I stopped by yesterday's Easter Egg Hunt held by the Media Lions, I was impressed with all the work they do for this event.  When a young participant came up and proudly told me there was 400 eggs out there, I immediately thought, "WOW."  Then when a volunteer said there were actually 4,000, I nearly fell over.  Somebody had to make all that happen and that was the work of the Media Lions. 

A special thanks to Mccarrin Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center who plays a big role in this event too.  Everybody had a great time.

West Fourth St.
W. Fourth Street - New Homes
I was quite impressed with how well the new homes are coming a long on W. Fourth Street. Sometimes builders get this right, while other times they don't when it comes to blending new homes into the surrounding neighborhood.  Looks like Martini construction did their homework and took the time to achieve a this balance.

Bad Timing? Missed Opportunity?  Lack of Interest?
Springfield Hotel - Opening Summer 2013
Those thoughts all may be true for Media when it comes to a hotel here, but in Springfield their hotel efforts continue to make impressive strides.  Foundation is coming along with framing right behind it.  I don't believe it'll be done for the influx of people expected to attend the U.S. Open in June at Merion, but it shouldn't be that much beyond that.  The expected opening date is sometime in Summer 2013. 

Committees - The Political Pawns of Media, PA
Make sure you pick the right committee to volunteer for if you think you have something to offer Media borough.  In other words, if you speak out against the political agendas held by the current council, you'll be dismissed as advisory with no decision making capability.  Based on last Thursday's council meeting, the Planning Commission who recommend proceeding with zoning for the Wawa, was banished to this group.  The Media Business Authority who also supports a Wawa based on an adequate traffic solution, I doubt has ever been taken seriously by borough council.  Expendable pawns in the eyes council.

But not their beloved Citizens Advisory Committee for Third Street.  Not only was it "stacked" with council's friends, family and special interest , it was heralded as the be-all-end-all decision making force for the Third Street Bridge.  It wasn't just propped up by Media Borough Council, but anyone defying their recommendations were immediately attacked as shown by Councilman Paul Robinson.  Here's what happened there:  Co-chair of the CAC who resigned due to slanted interests of the committee - never addressed.  RTM School Board? Angrily called to protest their involvement.  Middletown and Upper Providence, told to stay out of Media Business. EMS (Fire, Police, Ambulance) never given a formal chance to speak, though adament about the need for an open roadway. 

END GAME: Wawa  - Same problems, Same Outcome
It's not too hard to see through the clutter of what is going to happen with Wawa.  Much like the Third Street Bridge, it'll get bogged down and perpetually stalled due to lack of leadership.  The outlook isn't good if Council President Hall, is dismissing the recommendations of his own planning commission.  He could care less what they or the MBA think.  This will just be strung out until he and borough council can come up with a good reason to kill it.

It would be nice if Mayor Bob McMahon would stop being a participant and actually spoke up and took a position on something........anything. Bad leadership, begets more bad leadership.


  1. Media is not the last town in America that has a trolley running down its main street. Right off the bat I can think of Darby. Perhaps Media's distinction is that the trolley runs down the main street and terminates there.

    1. Does Darby actually run down the center of itsain street? Perhaps the writer meant to say the last suburban town...

    2. its main not itsain

  2. The Planning Commission is, by State law, an advisory body. Other ad hoc committees exist to serve a purpose which often is to provide the elected body a scapegoat for their decisions or lack thereof. It's no different anywhere else.

  3. Michael Jordan, MediaMarch 25, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    Media Trolley, LAST STOP at Providence Road Station. A positive action for better traffic flow.

    First step for approval of Wawa at 252 and Baltimore Pike? Seems to be.

    1. Great idea! Who cares about the people who rely on the trolley to get to work or the courthouse. They're all parasites anyway, right? Let's force them to drive into Media, which should result in much better traffic flow indeed!

      Cars, cars, and more cars! Bulldoze the center of town and build a parking garage!

      Do you admire Robert Moses much?

    2. Michael Jordan, MediaMarch 26, 2013 at 7:32 AM

      A shuttle bus. Septa did it before when working on the rails. It worked fine.

    3. I think you mean Moses Malone.

  4. How is continuing the trolley route down state street a problem? Traffic? Well is people would realize that the trolley cannot turn & stop trying to squeeze past it there wouldn't be a traffic back up. The shuttle buses WERE a problem because half the time where they told you to stand for the bus it either never came or went a different way..The trolley traveling down state street is a staple of Media & should be left as it is..The city dwellers moving into the area are gonna have to get use to it, slow down & enjoy the trolley as it is a staple of Media's history.

  5. The trolley runs down the center of the street with absolutely adequate room on both sides for traffic to continue traveling. There is certainly an issue with people having no clue about the size of their vehicles and thus pull over and cause backups and jams.
    I think that we all agree as long as we are stopping for the trolley to load and unload pedestrians that there is no problem with its operation in town~
    In general if people in this town would just exhibit a little more patience in our lovely town it would be an improvement!!!

    1. Adequate room on both sides? Not so Becky. (Do you even have a valid PA driver's license?) What to do when the Fed-Ex or UPS meets Septa trolley? Crunch, Crunch--tight fit.

    2. Agree with fraidy cat

  6. I don't even know why cars try to squeeze between the trolley and the parked vehicles. You'd have to be some kind of dope. For crying out loud, let the trolley roll! Sometimes it requires a little foresight to avoid that situation in the same way as not blocking the box when there's a backup.

  7. You're forgetting about Darby. The trolley runs down Main St. and terminates at the loop at 9th & Main