Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Media Community Appreciates Our Postal Workers!

Thanks! Media Post Office Workers!
I had a resident contact me this week who was quite concerned and upset at how the Post Office workers at the Media branch were being treated by patrons.   I haven't been there to see it first hand, nor am I here on this blog to tell people how to act, but if it was a big enough issue for this person, then it's definitely worth bringing to light with the rest of the town.

I know the local Post Office has had their fair share of cut-backs and at times can be short staffed, but a little compassion goes a long way for these folks.  To the Media Post Office:  Thanks for your hard work and dedication towards our town.  Thought at times it may not seem like it, your services are valued and appreciated by the Media community.

From a concerned reader:
Hello atm! I am requesting a public service announcement from you.
I have been to the Media Post Office twice a week for business for the past year and I am very dismayed at the general attitude of the patrons in the past 6 months. I realize that the office is dealing with budget cuts and having a hell of a time, but the folks that work in there are nothing but gracious and kind. I, for one, love our clerks up there, but they receive the most rotten treatment from people who are in line waiting to be served. It seems like in these times of "I want it and I want it now!" the patrons of our office have left their manners at the door! They gripe and loudly complain and act childish about having to wait in line for their turn. On some mornings there is one person working. It can be a few minutes before you get served, but people act like it is the biggest inconvenience and quite frankly act like a bunch of asses.
I am tired of it and feel like our hard working postal workers not only deserve some respect, but a break from patrons dumping on them for doing the best that they can. Please put something out there! An article, a sign, a picketer!


  1. No, actually they are very poor workers who know all too well their required performance standards are low.

  2. Hey anon is that n opinion? Or is ther some factual basis for your ignorant comment.I happen to know many of the people spoken of in this article,and you sound like one of the asses mentioned here.What did you have to delay your trip to starbucks?

    1. So you have low standards. Congratulations. Don't worry because there are hardworking men and women who will keep this society moving. And at some point we will all realize that driving trucks around carrying paper communications does not make a whole lotta sense.

      And by the way, the people are not the problem. I am sure they are great individuals. It is the system that is broken.

  3. Thank you for posting this Tedman. Sadly the most of Anonymous gang on here things the "Golden Rule" means doing #1 on the staff somewhere and calling them poor workers.