Monday, April 8, 2013

D'Ignazio's Towne House Restaurant and Bar - IS NOT FOR SALE

Over the last couple weeks I heard some rumblings that the Towne House Restaurant and Bar was for sale.  That not only concerned me but made me think how lucky we are to have this iconic family owned restaurant in town for all these years.  With out being able to confirm it, I didn't bring it up.   I've written about the bygone days of the Long Horn Ranch and the Log Cabin Inn and how fondly remembered they were, especially by me.  I wasn't prepared to potentially do the same thing for the Towne House.  Thankfully, I'm not.

Tonight I got word from a very reliable source that the Towne House is NOT for sale and it's business as usual, as it always has been since the 1951.  This is the best news, that never really was news; I've heard in a long time.

Keep up the great work D'Ignazio's!  Media and Delaware County wouldn't be the same with out your restaurant and the countless lunches, dinners and events you've hosted over the years for our friends and families!



  1. Rumors Being SparkedApril 8, 2013 at 11:01 PM

    I believe it was your blog, Tedman, that started this rumor! I could be wrong, but I know it's the first/only place I heard it (and it's not the first time I've read things here that have sparked rumors, such as Trader Joe's thinking of moving to the Media Acme location):

    March 17
    Medis in Two Minutes

    D'Ignazio's Towne House Restaurant

    The last of the family owned restaurants? Media is unique in its own way, but losing the trolley or an iconic restaurant like the Towne House would definitely leave a gaping hole in what truly defines Media. There are great, popular restaurants here, but none like D'Ignazio's. I miss the Long Horn Ranch and the Log Cabin Inn and hope the changing times don't take another family restaurant.

    1. Dude, chill! There is nothing in that posting that says the Towne House was being sold. Regarding the TJ/Acme - IT WOULD BE NICE if Trader Joes did move to the Acme space (why do we need 2 Acme's within 2 miles?). You need to stop jumping to conclusions and read the actual words being written.
      As far as the Towne House - is it representative of bygone days? Yes, but that's the charm. Not everyone needs to go to Azie and spend $20 for a California roll. Can Gen Y appreciate that those of us approaching golden years may take comfort in a spot that reminds us of better times? The Towne House may be past it's prime, but the fact that they still cater to those of us who helped build the empire with years worth of loyal business makes me want to continue supporting them.

    2. @ Frog Slayer:

      - Acme can feel free to close at 252 / Balt Pike, but TJs leaving the current downtown location would not be welcome. It is walkable for far more people where it is right now. Super Wawa would be welcome in the Acme location provided they don't close the existing Wawa locations on Balt Pike / Monroe and 252 / Kirk.

      - I agree with you 100% on Towne House! Not ever eatery has to be the exact same. Towne House is a great place to eat even if you're not approaching golden years.

  2. The Towne House is a treasure for Media. It is an iconic place that will never be duplicated. It's one of those places that you remember some event there and it brings a smile to your face. Long live the Towne House.

  3. the food is like cafeteria food, the menu enormous, the rugs are disgusting and the decor is cluttered, and dirty...Its a shame because its a great space in a great location.....there is just no reason to go there with all of the other great restaurants in media...they should really consider a makeover of their space and their menu...I went once, will never go back as it is today.

    1. The Towne House has Great Food .... you can always go there and have a great meal ... where else can you go and have a salad without paying for it .. no where ... !!!