Sunday, April 7, 2013

Media in Two Minutes

Good morning, and thanks for reading this week's Media in Two Minutes.  I'll have a big announcement on ATM today around 4pm.  The news deals with some interesting conversations and decisions this week that will surely have an impact on the area.  It'll be picked up the local and region press too, but you'll read it here first.


Media in Two Minutes!  Let's go! 

A Skate Park in Media 
Two things that came out of this week's post regarding a skate park in Media: 1) There is a good amount of interest for such a facility.  2) Citations have been given to kids for breaking the local skateboarding ordinance.  I wasn't aware of this ordinance, but I'll see if I can get a copy.  From what people have commented, the fines seem pretty extensive.

For those interested in a skate park and would like to see how Philadelphia got one, check out the site Franklin's Paine Skatepark Fund.

A Dog Park in Media
You can't talk about a skatepark in Media without also addressing a dog park.  I'll write something up about that this week.  The "dogwalkers' of Media are a pretty viable and organized group, so I'm sure there will be some interesting insight towards ideas on a dog park in Media.

Dining Under the Stars:
Yes, this is big news and the kick off of the season in Wednesday, May 1st.  This is the sixth season since former restaurant owner, Dan Broduer came up with the idea for this event.

Media Trolly is 100 years old! 
Kudos to councilwoman, Monika Rehoric who was contacted by local officials regarding an upcoming celebration for the Media Trolley.  If anyone can help make this a great event, it's Monika and the experience she brings with community get togethers.   Septa is also involved and has a few ideas of their own.  It would be neat to see an old trolley brought into Media to recapture the spirit of this historical transit line.

Rose Tree Park Music Series 2013
I know, Spring fever is running high and people are anxious to get outdoors.  I can tell, because a lot of people have been dropping by to find out this year's announcement and lineup for the Rose Tree Park Summer Music Series.  It's not out yet, but should be released around mid-may.

Media's Train Trestle
Pennsylvania is known for its world famous train trestles and we have one right here in Media, PA.  It doesn't get much exposure and sure isn't talked about a lot, but day in and day out it sits above Ridley Creek and does its job of getting people to where they need to go.   I've always admired this structure and the strength it represents.  It's stood there for over a hundred years and to this very day shows no sign of weakening.  

As a kid I walked across this trestle with my good friend Paul. We were quite adventurous for 15 year olds.  Back then there was a small board walk on the right side  of the tracks going towards Media that spanned the length of the trestle.  Problem was there were missing blanks and the rotten ones didn't instill a lot of confidence in our decision to attempt the crossing.  I think there was a railing, but not sure. I'm not fond of height, so one trip across was good enough for me.  I think at one time the planks were fully replaced and the trestle was passable by foot, but looking at it this weekend, it does't look like there are any walkways. SO DON'T TRY IT!

Local legend has it that two people were killed when they fell off the trestle during it's construction.  I don't know if that's true, but falling off would certainly be fatal.

With POOR LEADERSHIP everyone pays! $20,000 5 minute video!
We have a lot of really passionate people when it comes to ideas to improve the community.  A dog park an skate area are two things that come to mind just this week. And maybe a $1,000 towards either for a feasibility study could be helpful. It's unfortunate, though that we have a Mayor that only participates in parades and more specifically, pet projects he refuses to explain.
Poor leadership costs everyone in Media.

It's been almost 10 months and we still haven't heard anything, let alone seen the $20,000 infomercial that Council President Brian Hall and Mayor McMahon entered into with a telemarketing company that essentially just one day cold called the borough.  Even after being brought to the attention of McMahon and Hall that the company was investigate and fined by the Florida Attornery General, they still proceeded to hire this group.  Where's the Video?

Daily Times - July 2012



  1. I hope the announcement is that they're going to reconnect the rail line all the way to West Chester!

  2. Hey McMahon, you're an idiot!

  3. Love the old "Lionel" train trestle.